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Addiction & Rehab Live Transfer Leads

The Leads Warehouse Has Addiction & Rehab Live Transfers

Here at The Leads Warehouse Addiction lead division, we offer high-quality addiction web call live transfers. Our addiction leads are unrivaled in the industry. If you’re in the addiction industry, and you’re looking to boost your addiction marketing, you must check out our addiction leads.

What Makes Our Addiction Leads Standout?

The addiction/ Rehab niche is an exploding industry. Being Located in Orange County, CA. We are very familiar with what our rehab call partners need

  • Call Coaching
  • Generated from Trusted Publishers
  • Raw call and 3 Min Buffer calls available
  • Call Tracking Capabilities
  • IVR In Place

How Addiction Rehab Calls Work:

The  buffer starts when the phone rings, you may ask a series of questions to ensure the person has insurance. We also have an IVR in place in case the client is looking for AA meetings. This makes for a qualified lead before your phone rings. The client has searched and read our web page content, and then picked up the phone. Which, as we we know being in the industry – this is the first, hardest, and most important step for someone struggling with addiction.

Once they call in from the web page, they are then pushed through our integral multi question IVR, this IVR helps us weed out any non-qualified callers before they reach your firm. This makes for a highly qualified lead, with a highly motivated caller on the other end. By keeping the process simple, we deliver an easy method to close. We have also learned by our web page traffic: Organic search combined with an IVR in place – result in the highest percentage of admits!

Here at The Leads Warehouse, we value quality above all else. We provide you the most superlative addiction leads on the market. We’re in the business of gaining lifetime customers, as opposed to a quick buck. We want you to keep coming back for more. We do that by providing you stellar addiction leads every time you purchase.

Additional Products: Lists

In addition to price and quality, we also offer a variety of different addiction lead types to choose from. These types include: email lists, mailing lists, phone lists, internet leads, and T.V. leads.

The Leads Warehouse has been in business since 2005. So, we’re not a ‘fly by night’ lead generation company. We understand that running a recovery center is difficult. We also understand that you need patients in order to keep your recovery center afloat. That’s where we come in.

We help YOU get new patients in the door. Whether you choose our email lists, phone lists, inbound calls, mailing lists, or internet leads, you’re sure to see a boost in entry from our addiction data. All of our addiction lead sources are opt-in, too. So, every single one of our leads are interested in what YOU have to offer.

The Lead Warehouse’s Addiction Lists Boast:

  • High Chance of Conversion
  • Impressive ROI
  • Truly Interested Leads
  • Less Hang-Ups
  • More Patients Into YOUR Door

You won’t be disappointed by our addiction leads. We’re focused on your unique needs in the addiction industry. We custom-tailor our generation style to fit the demands of the addiction industry. Furthermore, we filter and craft our addiction data to fit YOUR individual needs.

Unlike other lead generation companies in the addiction space, we don’t limit our lead pool. We reach out to not only addicts, but also their family members and loved ones. This is because, oftentimes, addicts don’t make the decision to go to treatment on their own. We reach out to everyone in the spectrum to boost your chance of conversion.

To Speak to an Addiction Lead Specialist Call:

Addiction Lead Dept. Specialist:

Kelsea Bigelow

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