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Marijuana Grower List

Marijuana Cannabis Grower List

Are you looking for a list of marijuana growers? Stop your search. We have a high-quality marijuana cannabis grower list available now. This list is unsaturated and will have responders asking “How did you get my number?” This list includes both marijuana cannabis growers and marijuana dispensaries, making it one of the most sought after lists in the booming, up-and-coming industry.

Our Cannabis Growers List Includes:

  • Active Licensed
  • Growers
  • Retailers and Dispensaries
  • Phones and Emails

The licenses are what make our list extra unique, because we are literally the only company in the nation that has cannabis industry leads that have the license holders. So, the leads are compiled exclusively for our clients. If you want to market to marijuana growers, marijuana dispensaries, or marijuana retailers, then you want your hands on this list.

Cannabis Grower Leads: The Process

These leads are hand generated from every license holder of marijuana dispensaries and marijuana growers.  (Currently, we have only curated a California list, but we can and will curate other states on demand). So, we compiled these leads manually and jumped through the legal hoops, so that you don’t have to. We do the legwork, and you get the gold.

Our 3 Step Process for Results

We have a tried-and-true methodology for getting great results with this marijuana dispensary list. Early testing has shown response rates as high at 10%, and we’ve found that once you get a few solid deals in the industry, your growth is self-propelling. By that, we mean, everyone in the cannabis space is very interconnected and once you become an asset to their business, they recommend you to their connections within the industry.

Our process for Maximizing Results:

  1. First, we talk to you about your specific goals and compile a list specifically for your needs .
  2. Then, we help you develop a voicemail to engage and encourage call backs.
  3. Finally, we deploy a voicemail drop campaign to your unique, targeted list of marijuana grower leads.

We’ve found that voicemail drops are the best way to reach this demographic, and the route with the least legal hurdles. Our clients have seen really amazing results using our process. From beginning to end, we help you create a campaign to maximize client growth. From cannabis grower list segmenting to helping you craft the perfect voicemail, your success is our highest priority.

In addition, using our top-of-the-line voicemail drop system, we route all incoming calls directly to you, by using your phone number on the caller ID. For you this means:

  • NO cold-calling
  • NO worrying about TCPA compliance
  • NO wasted man hours on useless calls
  • You’ll just get a steady stream of interested cannabis growers calling YOU.

Why Choose Our Cannabis Growers List?

Beyond the exclusivity of this list, the simple process, and little unnecessary work on your part, all of our lists include our quality and cost standards. Our cost is very fair, and based on CPA metrics that we saw in our initial testing of the products. This means, we aren’t going to gauge your price, instead we give you a low-cost, high ROI, full-360 solution to your cannabis based business from the beginning.

While this is a limited volume file, it is updated every single month, so we always have a fresh flow of new leads coming in. We also have the ability to increase volume for the right client. So, whatever your volume and growth goals are, we can accommodate.

Finally, when you choose us as your list provider, you’re choosing a track record of proven success. We’ve been in the list and data generation business for over a decade, have won numerous awards, and and have an unparalleled breadth of product and industry knowledge. Our client-focused approach keeps our clients coming back year after year.

Cannabis Dispensary List: How to Get Started

This is a limited quantity file, so we will only be able to take on a few clients for this file. Don’t wait and let your competitors beat you to the punch. This cannabis dispensary file is one of our hottest products right now. The marijuana industry is exploding with growth, and the only way to get an edge on the competition is to take advantage of any leg up that you can get, and this list is an incredible leg up.

Not only is it diligently and lawfully hand compiled, but we are the only people in the entire country that have access to this list of licensed growers, retailers, and dispensaries. Our costs and minimums are low and fair, and our quality and attention to our client’s results is unmatched in the marketplace.

Beyond that, we have a tried-and-true, proven process to help you achieve your CPA and ROI goals. We use new and top-of-the-line technology and years of marketing expertise to help you capitalize on the value of this unique list of marijuana growers.

Fill out the form on the right or give us a call today to get started.