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We currently have an opt-in, aged, internet generated credit repair campaign that’s producing high-converting credit repair leads. While this campaign produces real-time leads, our clients are finding huge success with the aged option. We offer these leads at:

  • 7-12 days aged
  • 12-30 days aged
  • 30-90 days aged

We competitively price all of these aged lead lists to meet your marketing budget. You get high-quality credit repair leads at a fraction of the price, with a large number of outputs: Date, First Name,Last Name, State, Zip, Email, IP, and Phone Number (we can append for addresses for a low additional fee).

Get Aged & Opt-In Credit Repair Leads Now

Aged leads in our credit repair program have opted in, indicating their interest in what you have to offer. This alone sets these leads a bar above the rest. The ROI’s have been consistently high for our clients, and our large volume allows you the freedom to have as many leads as you can handle.

We have insanely low prices and techniques that keep us way ahead of the game. No matter your budget or goals, we’re confident we have an opt-in credit repair lead that will work for you. Start today and witness your profits soar.

Simply fill our the form on the right, or call us on the number at the top of the screen to get a free quote right now.

By : Paul Young

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