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One of the best lead types for the debt settlement industry are debt settlement aged, opt-in leads. At The Leads Warehouse, we take our aged leads to the next level, to ensure that your chances for a success are high. In addition to our massive data portal, we also provide aged debt inbound calls.

With our data portal option, we start with a massive database of interested leads. We add hundreds of leads on a daily basis, giving you the widest variety of lead types on the market. We pull from TV, radio, and internet advertising, using expert marketing techniques to compile and draw leads in.

Then, we offer filtering for our  database aged debt settlement leads. We have offer over 300 unique filters to help get your started on the right foot. On top of that, we offer 5 different age segments, allowing you to tailor your lists to meet your price and goals.

Debt-Settlement Aged Opt-In Leads

For our debt settlement aged opt-in leads generated via inbound calls, the process is a little different. This feed was generated from a real-time inbound call campaign, and then is offered to you aged. This allows you to have all the benefits of a real-time campaign, with an aged lead price. We boast a 70% contact ratio on this feed, so it’s a quick seller with limited volume availability.

Whether you’re interested in our aged database leads or our aged inbound call leads, we have debt settlement aged opt-in leads to fit your needs and budget. With all opt-in feeds, you get the benefit of contacting leads who actually want to hear from you. With aged leads, you get the benefit of contacting leads after the real-time campaign has already done part of the selling for you.

Don’t wait to reach out. We have limited availability on our aged debt settlement feed. Fill out the form on the right, or give us a call at the number on the top of the screen to get a free quote today.

By : Paul Young

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