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What is a TLW Medicare lead?

Our leads are created when Medicare-eligible seniors opt in to receive more information about Medicare plans. Opt-ins come from stand-alone, long-form, form-fill  Medicare communication creatives and CMS-approved marketing. Whether it is during AEP, OEP or SEP, we can connect you with seniors who are looking forward to speaking with your team. We offer:

  • Aged Medicare leads
  • Real-time Medicare leads
  • Click-to-call Medicare leads

Aged Medicare Leads

TLW aged Medicare leads offer significant value in helping insurance agents and brokers cost-effectively communicate with seniors who have expressed interest in Medicare and are 65 years of age or older.

Our aged Medicare leads offer:

  • Opt-ins specifically for Medicare
  • Long-form, form-filled (10+ fields)
  • CPAs lower than industry average
  • Large quantities and scalability
  • Multiple lead age brackets
  • Unsold leads available
  • National geographic coverage
  • Quick delivery via API or email
  • Multi-level compliance
  • Proven campaign tactics for telemarketing, texting, and emailing

Real-time Medicare Leads

TLW real-time Medicare leads offer access to interested seniors, all who have opted in to be called immediately for a discussion on Medicare plans.

Our real-time Medicare leads offer:

  • Opt-ins specifically for Medicare
  • High intent consumers looking to speak real time
  • 24/7 availability
  • Long-form, form-filled (10+ fields)
  • CPAs lower than industry average
  • National geographic coverage
  • API posting preferred, with same-week set up
  • Exclusive or shared positions
  • Multi-level compliance
  • Proven campaign tactics for telemarketing, texting, and emailing

Click-to-call Medicare Leads

TLW click-to-call Medicare leads offer access to high intent seniors who have responded to a marketing creative approved by CMS and major insurance carriers. They have chosen to speak immediately and directly with a representative about Medicare plans.

Our click-to-call Medicare leads offer:

  • Opt-ins specifically for Medicare
  • Fully compliant creatives with SMIDs
  • Seniors looking to speak real time
  • 12-hour coverage per day (Mon-Fri)
  • CPAs lower than industry average
  • Impressive average call times during AEP, OEP, and SEP
  • Geographic coverage in zip codes where creatives are approved by CMS and offered by specific carriers
  • Single or multiple concurrency
  • Same-week set up
  • Exclusive position
  • Multi-level compliance
  • Multiple buffer lengths
  • Proven campaign tactics for telemarketing, texting, and emailing

We help you remain compliant

The rules governing Medicare-related marketing are constantly changing, challenging even the most adaptive companies that market to the Medicare community. At The Leads Warehouse, we recognize the importance of compliance and the peace of mind it gives our clients.

  • All leads meet applicable compliance requirements.
  • Marketing creatives are approved by the CMS and major insurance carriers.
  • All creatives are readily available for our clients to review.
  • Our team has the most up-to-date knowledge of CMS requirements and is ready to share it with you.

Why you will love our Medicare leads

Not only are our leads CMS-compliant and carrier-approved, they are also:


Premium leads with consumers already interested in Medicare, resulting in contact ratios and average call times that compare favorably to industry averages


Buy the lead as it is generated


Leads generated through Medicare-related pages, not surveys or clickbait

High intent

Full-form leads with 10+ fields of information


Significant, expandable volume available

We offer value beyond our leads

For over 19 years, we have been introducing innovative offerings that will help our clients successfully achieve their sales goals. Our marketing solutions include more than just leads and data. We add value to our clients’ efforts with:

Campaign tactics

We have proven customer acquisition strategies for telemarketing, texting, and emailing.

Tech tips

Marketing is a dynamic discipline. We make our clients aware of evolving technologies that will help them better market to their target audience.


Not only do we help our clients reach prospective customers, we offer insights on the best scripting to convert these prospects.


We have up-to-date knowledge on the laws governing marketing and keep our clients informed of compliance requirements.

  • Fully compliant marketing with SMIDs for AEP, OEP and SEP
  • Exclusive Medicare
    leads in first position
  • CPA of less than $300
    with our suggested approach
  • Next day delivery!

Get in touch with us today for high quality leads.

Do Medicare leads really work? Sign up today to find out!

The Leads Warehouse is focused on delivering the highest quality, fully compliant aged, real-time, and click-to-call Medicare leads available. We specialize in lead generation and marketing, offering our clients unmatched levels of service and leads that result in low CPAs. When you choose TLW, you get a knowledgeable team committed to your success.

We don’t just generate leads – we generate wins! Don’t miss out – sign up today and experience the exceptional success of our aged, real-time, and click-to-call Medicare leads for yourself!

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