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Auto Warranty leads and lists

This is an aged opt-in internet auto warranty feed of 6000 records per day, we can get it posted daily on a 7-45 days age feed. Older records we can sell for less. This feed is from a very cool publisher who will work with clients after testing (price and placement-wise) to move them onto weekly. If you only need them for Ringless Voicemail we have special programs.  

  • Not Auto Insurance leads and lists (TRUE AW leads and lists Are Rare)
  • Auto Warranty Opt-In Age leads and lists
  • Geo:  National Coverage  (We Will Omit States)
  • Vehicle Years:  2000-2018
  • Omit Exotics/Smart Cars
  • Volume:  6K Leads daily
  • 7-45 Days old
  • Clients are reporting a $175 – $250 CPA and Under
  • Auto Warranty Internet leads and lists
  • Made to enhance marketing and lead generation efforts!
  • Every order we send will come with a sales script that we know works

* Great publisher who will bend over backwards for weekly buyers!

leads and lists are generated from multiple reputable web forms – Google Adwords, Bing PPC landing page, FB, Yahoo, Mobile Apps & email traffic – we drive traffic to our Auto Warranty Web landing pages (below is one of them).  These are specifically Auto Warranty only (Non-Incentivized),  good quality accurate leads and lists, and they’re performing well for our current VSC clients.  The prospect clicks on the link, and completes a full form fill.  Don’t spend big dollars on live transfer leads and lists when you can get aged leads and lists. These leads will super charge your sales volume.

Ad. Insurance - Leads Warehouse

Ad. Insurance – Leads Warehouse

The Publisher is also very results based, and will do a one-time replacement to help find the ideal time frame for your center to purchase on-going. We highly suggest you TM, SMS, RVM, and Email this for maximum conversion. Use these for direct outreach, marketing, or lead generation and generate new sales!

Auto Warranty Headers:


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We currently offer a multi-compiled, non-DMV sourced Auto Warranty lead list file. This means that your auto warranty list isn’t the same-old, DMV sourced VIN data that everyone already has. These leads and lists are compiled using multiple sources to ensure fresh and accurate data.

We’ve been in the business for years, so we know your industry in a way that the fly-by-night companies out there don’t. Quality auto warranty lists are crucial to the success of your business, so we only offer products that perform for our clients. Our auto warranty lead lists are no different.

Our Two-Step Auto Warranty Data Process: 

Step One: The data is compiled using multiple, non-DMV sources.

Step Two: We send the auto warranty data to a third party for a FRESH cell phone append. (We can do homes and cells, but the cell phone contact ratio is astronomical).

Our clients continue to tell us that these auto warranty lists are outperforming their opt-in auto warranty sources. Beyond that, our database and sources are updated regularly, so these auto warranty leads and lists continue to bring in huge returns.These are the leads that big call centers use to generate live transfers, and then sell to you for a premium. These will plug and play directly into your marketing and lead generation campaigns. We also share the sales scripts clients have told us have worked for Auto Warranty.

Ready to get started? Fill out the form on the right, or give us a call.

Trust the Company You Can Count On

Don’t trust a new or inexperienced company for your leads and lists. We’ve been doing this since 2005, and we have a long history of pleased clients. With us you’re choosing experience.

All of our auto warranty lists come complete with the following outputs:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • VIN

Best of all – our auto warranty lists are compiled as soon as you place your order. Other lead generation companies wait to source their data or re-use old leads and lists. We have access to a large auto warranty database, and it’s generating new leads and lists every single day. We don’t play around with your money or potential returns– We take your business and your results seriously from day one.

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