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What is a TLW solar lead?

Our leads are created from consumers who are driven to a stand-alone solar page from PPC, social, and email. The consumer completes a long-form web app, hits submit, and becomes a lead waiting for you to contact. We offer:

  • Aged solar leads
  • Real-time solar leads
  • Exclusive solar leads
  • Ringless voicemail

TLW aged solar leads offer the best value in marketing as they were once more expensive leads but consumers may now be ready to buy.

Our aged solar leads offer:

  • Opt-ins specifically for solar
  • Long-form, form-filled (10+ fields)
  • CPAs lower than industry average
  • Large quantities and scalability
  • Multiple lead age brackets
  • Unsold leads available
  • National geographic coverage
  • Quick delivery via API or email
  • Multi-level compliance
  • Proven campaign tactics for telemarketing, texting, emailing, and RVM

TLW real-time solar leads offer access to the highest intent consumers, all who have opted in to be called immediately for a solar installation.

Our real-time solar leads offer:

  • Opt-ins specifically for solar
  • High intent consumers looking to speak real time
  • 24/7 availability
  • Long-form, form-filled (10+ fields)
  • CPAs lower than industry average
  • National geographic coverage
  • Various delivery methods (API preferred), with same-week set up
  • Exclusive or shared positions
  • Multi-level compliance
  • Proven campaign tactics for telemarketing, texting, and emailing

Exclusive solar leads are developed from TLW’s owned and operated marketing system, giving more control over the media buy.

Our exclusive solar leads offer:

  • Direct delivery for added security and quality
  • Various delivery methods
  • Creatives available for review
  • Option to co-brand
  • National geographic coverage
  • 24/7 availability
  • Ability to adjust data fields
  • Completely exclusive and never resold or shared

Why you will love our solar leads

These leads are full stand-alone, form-fill leads, with no clickbait, co-reg, or incentivization. Traffic comes from a paid search on Google Ads and other main search engines. They are also remarketed to by email, social, and SMS messaging. The online publisher drives traffic to the landing pages.


Non-incentivized leads with consumers already interested in solar


Buy the lead as it is generated


Leads generated through a solar page, not a survey or clickbait

High intent

Full-form Internet leads with 10+ fields of information

We offer value beyond our leads

For more than 19 years, our clients’ success has been central to our mission. Our marketing solutions include more than just leads and data. We add value to our clients’ efforts with:

Campaign tactics

We have time-tested client acquisition blueprints for telemarketing, texting, emailing, and RVM strategies.

Tech tips

Marketing is an ever-changing world and we keep abreast of cutting-edge technologies to keep you talking to potential clients.


It isn’t enough to make contact, you need scripting to match the type of marketing. We are experts at messaging.


We have intel on the latest laws governing marketing and love to share our knowledge.

  • 200,000+ per month available
  • Exclusive solar
    leads in first position
  • CPA of less than $500
    with our suggested approach
  • Next day delivery!

Get in touch with us today for high quality leads.

Do solar leads really work? Sign up today to find out!

We’ve perfected our methods over 19 years, creating the most sought-after real-time and aged solar leads available. As lead generation specialists, we take great pride in providing top-notch service and quality leads that deliver industry-leading low CPAs. When you choose TLW, you get a devoted team committed to you.

We don’t just generate leads – we generate wins! Don’t miss out – sign up today and experience the remarkable impact of our real-time and aged solar leads for yourself!

QUESTIONS? CALL US: 800-884-8371

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