Everything You Need To Know About Buying Solar Leads

Buying Aged Solar Leads

The solar industry is expected to gain enormous market share in the years to come (I live in California and I’m about to DIY my own solar system in my patio every time the electric bill comes.) Solar panel installation is a fast-growing industry. And many government incentive programs are making solar panel technology more affordable to motivate more people to switch to solar power… and greedy Sempra Energy raising rates because the CEO needs a new private jet.

Are you a solar company that depends on salespeople going door to door to generate leads? This is a time-consuming and often ineffective strategy (but you can make it easer). Are you one of the many that think buying solar leads is too expensive? (hint: there’s a cheaper way)

Read on as we discuss everything you need to know about buying solar leads. And why aged leads might be the best (and most affordable!) option to help you grow your business. This is one of those rare times where CHEAP=GOOD.

Buying Aged Solar Leads — Your Complete Guide

Just like any other lead, aged solar leads are typically produced from landing pages, radio ads, toll-free numbers, and even TV commercials from buyers who might be looking to switch to solar-powered energy.

Many companies who generate solar leads might focus on the first 24-48 hours to sell the leads to solar salespeople as live leads, also known as real-time leads. The chance of reaching that lead only gets smaller the more time passes though. Sometimes the consumer knows it’s a sales call and they clam up into a ball on the floor.

If the leads don’t sell, they become aged and can be sold at a discounted rate. This becomes an excellent opportunity for salespeople to buy cheap leads in bulk. We know that purchasing solar panels is a long-buying process. And it can take months for your clients to decide on the right option before they’re ready to buy. So you’re more likely to get a higher ROI on leads that have aged than those who might be inquiring for information for the first time.

Aged solar leads are typically sold by their age, typically in day increments. Depending on who you buy these leads from, they might have already been sold to other companies. But it could still offer a tremendous value to your company if they are workable. 

Why You Should Buy Aged Solar Leads?

Are you generating your own leads through Google Ad campaigns and content creation? Are you tired of dancing on TikTok like a teenager?  Is it taking a lot of time and resources? Is your CPA through the roof? These avenues of lead generation are likely just as expensive as purchasing solar leads, and it’s also more work.

Unlike mortgage leads, which can be time-sensitive, solar leads age better because solar panels aren’t usually something people need right now. Prospective clients can take their time and browse around to make sure they are making the right choice — making aged solar leads an excellent choice for those looking to close more deals.

What Kinds of Solar Leads are Available to Buy?

At The Leads Warehouse, there are several options you can choose from when looking for aged opt-in leads. Our aged solar leads are active; we aren’t interested in wasting your time and money. In fact, we take pride in providing the highest quality leads on the market. 

We don’t like to toot our own horn but one of our clients says: “TLW has the lowest CPA out of anyone I’ve tested. I’ve painfully tested everyone I can find. And TLW’s CPA is always $500 and extremely consistent, EVERY time.


With us, you can choose from a variety of age segments:

  • 1-14 Days
  • 1-30 Days
  • 1-90 Days
  • 1-180 Days
  • 180+ (Legacy) Days

We also offer you different methods of contacting our aged solar leads, including phone numbers, email addresses, fax numbers, and mailing addresses, (use carrier pigeons if you’d like) to reach your new potential clients as efficiently as possible. We also offer several filters for you to choose from so that you can hone your lead list according to your preferences. Though many other lead generation companies just want you in and out. You should look for a lead source that meets your requirements and has volume within your specific location(s).

How to Sell to Solar Leads

Now that you have a list of qualified leads, now is the time to start calling and emailing. Aged Solar leads are different than mortgage or insurance leads — solar energy is still a relatively new technology. And your buyer might only have limited knowledge of how it works…so that’s where you come in – not to sell but to EDUCATE. You don’t know how many reps have told me “This homeowner says their REALTOR told them not to go Solar” Last time I checked, your realtor isn’t a solar expert.

It’s your job to give them a complete rundown on how solar power works. But the first step is to find out what their concerns are first. Do they want to save money on power? Are they looking to help the environment? Maybe they are looking for a way to get off-grid and live in the woods.

Solar power systems are expensive right off the bat (but not always with options like leasing), and though they take a while to pay for themselves. Make sure you’re educating your leads how all of the benefits they’ll be able to enjoy down the road. 

Make sure you know all the ins and outs of solar technology, including solar rebates and incentive programs. Be prepared to face the common objections:


H.O.:  “I really like the idea of solar, but technology is evolving so fast, that I would hate going solar, only to find out 5-10 years down the road, that the panels  I would have on my roof are now obsolete.””

Answer: If this customer is able to cover the majority of their energy needs with today’s panels, focus them on the value of Net Metering and the sunsetting tax credits rather than solar. Unlike a computer, modules aren’t doing anything other than producing kWh – so if you can get the right amount of power on your roof to cover your energy needs, its better to do it today.


Will a solar system loan increase my debt to income and make it harder to finance other things I need (e.g. urgent home upgrades or a better car)?”

“​​It might. While some credit options report and some don’t. I’m not one to speak on behalf of your finances and that’s a topic which you and only you can answer.

But typically — from my experience — a better car or a home upgrade is something that leans toward a want as opposed to a need. 

Whereas electricity is something you use everyday no matter what. Don’t you think it’s maybe even better for you to invest in solar. And be cash flow positive starting day one when that’ll improve / build your credit in the long run? Thereby increasing your bandwidth for a better car or home upgrade in the long run?”


“I think I want to go solar but I need to get some OTHER QUOTES 

before I decide.”

This is when you asked them a few serious of questions. 

Starting with , once you get your. Other estimates, what is going to be your deciding factor, cost, availability, quality? 

They will say cost typically. This is when you show value in the company and products you are using.. 

It typically backs them into a corner, and they don’t want to appear cheap. So you show them the value, then show them the cost savings . 

I believe most any rejection is fear. You have to get them past the fear. You have to show them why they can trust you why you products you use are better and why your company is better. 


What’s a good door knocking ice breaker

Smile and do the compliment test before your pitch (complimenting outfit, car, animals etc.) This will get them at ease and drum up conversation which in turn enables them to see you as a human instead of just a salesman.

You have to be the solar expert and the incentives expert so that you can be the number one resource to answer all of their questions. Your expertise will help you build trust with your prospective buyer. But make sure you’re honest with them about their options and your offerings. Show them that you offer the solutions that they’ve been looking for. 


It’s a great time to be in the solar installation business! Everyone seems to be putting renewables on their to-do lists. Local authorities are even offering programs to help property owners invest in renewable home energy solutions. As public opinion starts to favor exploring these options, your chances of closing deals with our aged solar leads increase.

You should be aware of several unique challenges facing solar installation. The solar installation industry is different than any other lead type. Specifically, your potential clients will have problems that you’ll need to solve if you want to grow your business. First, you’ll need to overcome customer knowledge gaps about the product. Then, you’ll need to establish your expertise and objectivity as you educate your customers — they need to know why they should buy from you and not someone else. Lastly, buying solar products can be a complicated process, so you’ll need to support the decision through every step. 

Ready to buy qualified aged solar leads? We’d love to talk to you about the number of leads we have that are ready to talk to you and your company. Get started here.

By : Sam Irving

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