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How to set up a ringless voicemail campaign. 

The beauty of ringless voicemail lies in its low cost and easy setup…..but each piece has a micro-strategy.

First: Setting up your phone lines is critical. Best Practices is to have: 

  • CallerID Phone Line
  • Gold Phone Line (Goes in Message)
  • Both lines have Metrics, Tracking, & Recording
  • Gold Line Rings Salespeople Live
  • CallerID line will go straight to voicemail. Ideally, this message is transcribed, and email delivered to someone.

*HINT: When delivery goes below 60% – get a new CallerID phone line.

Second: The Voicemail Message is what the consumer hears and the name of the game is authenticity. Is this a message you would actually call someone and leave on their phone? Or does it sound like a marketing campaign? 

  • We suggest calling your personal cell phone to leave the message in your own voicemail, then emailing it to yourself.
  • Examples

Third: The lead list of people who you have spoken to in the past will respond far higher than people you’re calling out of the blue. Make sure you’re placing high quality ringless voicemail leads for your campaign to thrive.

Fourth: Scripting. This may sound very basic for some phone sales companies, but keep in mind they are calling you back! This should be answered in a certain way, and your Ringless voicemail campaign coach will tell you how. 

Fifth: The final piece, suppressions. It is very important to make sure you are removing the responders from your future drops. This is why phone number tracking is so important! (see number one)

We will help you, every step of the way. 

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