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What is Ringless Voicemail Marketing? 

Ringless voicemails are a quick and easy way to engage your client lists with a personal touch. It’s efficient, low-cost, & simple to set up. With the click of a mouse, you can deliver 10,000 voicemails directly into the mailbox of your pre-qualified contacts. It makes contacting clients less invasive than a phone call, and more effective than traditional call center lead generation.

The transition to cell phones has changed the face of telemarketing, consumers will rarely pick up a call from a strange number, and most cell phones use “spam filtering” based on caller ID. As sales professionals, we need to stay ahead of the technological curve.

When consumers hear the ringless voicemail notification on their phone, it piques their curiosity, 95% of the time they will listen to a message, and it forces them to decide if they want to investigate what your firm offers. If they call you back, it’s because they are highly motivated and ready to buy. This allows you to connect with thousands of people in an instant, but only spend time on the 5-10% who are truly interested.

Learn More about our industry-specific ringless voicemails, and hear sample scripts for your industry! Choose an industry to send yourself a sample Ringless Voicemail.

Ringless Voicemail for Auto Insurance Leads
Ringless Voicemail for Auto Warranty Leads
Ringless Voicemail for Business Financing & Merchant Cash Advance Leads
Ringless Voicemail for Credit Repair Leads
Ringless Voicemail for DME Leads
Ringless Voicemail for Final Expense Leads
Ringless Voicemail for Health Insurance Leads
Ringless Voicemail for Medicare Supplement Leads
Ringless Voicemail for Mortgage Refi & Purchase Leads
Ringless Voicemail for Real Estate Leads
Ringless Voicemail for Solar Leads
Ringless Voicemail for Tax Relief Leads

What makes our ringless voicemail system superior?

First and foremost, there’s an art to creating ringless voicemail campaigns. We know how to set up ringless voicemail campaigns which perform.

Our Coach will lay out the strategy for:

  • How to Build A Winning Ringless Voicemail Message
  • How to Setup Response Numbers
  • How to Segment Leads and Manage Responders
  • How to Read Reports to Troubleshoot Problems

Along with your expert, we also provide a feature-rich ringless voicemail messaging platform:

  • Compliance: We use a compliant server-to-server method of transmitting ringless voicemail, which ensures drop rates stay in compliant ranges
  • High Delivery: Our true, high-quality, “ringless” voicemail technology will have a 70% delivery rate compared to the 30-40% delivery rate for most systems. 
  • Ringless Voicemail Marketing Blacklist: Some people just don’t want to be on the DNC, or sometimes professional litigators like to buy phone numbers from your old clients. These folks have indicated they don’t want to receive calls or voicemails. Most companies charge for this, but we offer it free. Not one time, but every time you start a new campaign – we will run your campaign against known TCPA litigators, squealers & screamers.
  • Reporting: Advanced reporting locks in results, test messages, and lead list combinations with ease. Check ringless voicemail messages against caller IDs & lead files.
  • Blast or Drip: Deliver 10,000 messages at once to drive traffic to your website, or drop 1-10,000 per hour, so you have a nice steady flow of deliveries. 

Call us today for a free demo, no credit card is required!

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