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What is a TLW credit repair lead?

Our leads consist of individuals who have poor credit and have been turned down for an auto loan and/or home mortgage in the recent past. They view an opt-in credit repair page via a co-reg path, with traffic being driven from PPC, social, and email. After completing a long-form webform, they turn into potential customers seeking to repair their credit. We offer:

  • Aged credit repair leads
  • Ringless voicemail

Aged Credit Repair Leads

TLW aged credit repair leads offer significant value in helping credit repair companies cost-effectively connect with people who have poor credit and have expressed a strong interest in repairing their credit.

Our aged credit repair leads offer:

  • Opt-ins specifically for credit repair
  • High intent consumers with poor credit metrics
  • Long-form, form-filled (10+ fields)
  • CPAs lower than industry average
  • Large quantities and scalability
  • Multiple lead age brackets
  • Unsold leads available
  • National geographic coverage
  • Quick delivery via API or email
  • Multi-level compliance
  • Proven campaign tactics for telemarketing, texting, emailing, and RVM

Why you will love our credit repair leads

Our credit repair leads offer our clients very low CPAs, and many more reasons to love them:


Non-incentivized individuals who are insistent on repairing their credit


Leads are available unsold

Vertical specific

Leads generated through a credit repair co-reg page, not a survey or clickbait

High intent

Full-form Internet leads with 10+ fields of information


Significant, expandable volume available

We offer value beyond our leads

For over 19 years, we’ve been helping our clients meet and exceed their sales expectations with strategic marketing solutions. Our marketing solutions include more than just leads and data. We add value to our clients’ efforts with:

Campaign tactics

We provide our clients with time-tested client acquisition techniques for telemarketing, texting, emailing, and RVM.

Tech tips

We help our clients stay informed of changing technologies that could help them better connect and interact with prospective customers.


Our expertise in creating and adapting scripting is invaluable to our clients’ efforts to improve close rates and grow their businesses.


The rules of marketing compliance continually change. We strive to keep our clients updated on these changes so they can remain compliant.

  • 100,000+ per month available
  • Exclusive credit repair
    leads in first position
  • CPA of less than $150
    with our suggested approach
  • Next day delivery!

Get in touch with us today for high quality leads.

Do credit repair leads really work? Sign up today to find out!

At The Leads Warehouse, we have honed our processes over two decades, consistently delivering outstanding aged credit repair leads. As lead generation specialists, we strive to deliver premium service and high-performing leads with low CPAs. When you partner with TLW, you get a seasoned team dedicated to ensuring your success.
We don’t just generate leads – we generate wins! Don’t miss out – sign up today and experience the extraordinary impact of our aged credit repair leads for yourself!

QUESTIONS? CALL US: 800-884-8371

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