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Aged Mortgage Premium Mailing Lists

Direct mail is an easy way to entice customers to walk through your door. However, you must have addresses in order for your direct mail campaign to be a success. Beyond that, these addresses need to belong to people who are eligible for the services you provide. Our aged mortgage premium postal lists offer just that!

We compile a list of addresses using a wide array of PROVEN data compilation methods. We’ve honed in on our craft, so new mortgage premium leads are constantly being added. We never have shortages in aged mortgage leads. This means that your aged postal lists will always be full of new, eligible, and interested leads.

How We Compile:

  • Proven Methods To Locate Leads
  • Discard Low-Quality Leads
  • Cleanse Database of Invalid Addresses
  • Filter Leads To Your Specifications
  • Compile Leads Onto List

You read that right! We eliminate leads that are low-quality. If a lead is not a current mortgage holder, or if the lead isn’t eligible for a mortgage, they’re immediately discarded. We also check the validity of addresses regularly to ensure that you aren’t wasting your efforts.

Then, we add the critical element of filtering. With filtering, you choose from over 300 filters including: location, income, credit score, LTV, CLTV, and many, many more! We only put the premium mortgage leads on your list if they match all of your filters. Best part about out filtering is that the filters are already included in the cost. No matter if you choose 1 or 300 filters, you pay the same base rate.

If you’re ready for aged postal lists that will churn results, sign up now! Our prices and accuracy can’t be matched!

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