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We utilize several different techniques to compile our auto insurance aged opt-in lead lists. With unrivaled expertise in auto insurance leads, we pull from radio and television ads, direct mail campaigns, telemarketing, and, primarily, internet leads. This gives us an edge above the competition, because we have leads coming in from every direction.

We also offer you the most quantifiable success rate, because our methods are proven to work. Even though these particular auto insurance leads are aged, they don’t lack the quality that we are known for. You can choose aged opt-in leads that are:

  • 1-7 Days Old
  • 1-30 Days Old
  • 1-90 Days Old
  • 1-180 Days Old
  • 180+ Days Old (Legacy Leads)

Arguably the best part of these auto insurance leads is that they are all opt-in. That means – cut the pressure of cold calling out of the equation. Worry less about leads hanging up on you or yelling at you. You may see that with our competitors, but you won’t see that with us. All of our leads WANT to be contacted and are WAITING to hear from you!

Beyond all of that, we also offer over 300 filtering options. We filter our auto insurance opt-in lead lists to ensure that they fit your specific needs. Pair that with everything else we offer, and you have a recipe for success!

So, stop wasting time and start collecting your auto insurance aged opt-in leads today! You don’t know what you’re missing!!

By : Paul Young

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