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Ethnicity Phone Lists

Online Manager

Our ethnic leads are some of the best in the country. Based on Surname and hygenied based on telephone surveys, these are a very accurate way to get in front of a very targeted ethnic group. You can mix this with any of our other database filters to target ethnic mortgage leads, ethnic income factors, even ethnic donors!

We can pull these leads, or can pull them fresh out of your online manager! See the video for a demo.

  • All African American Ethnic Groups
  • Far Eastern
  • Southeast Asian
  • Central & Southwest Asian
  • Mediterranean
  • Native American
  • Scandinavian
  • Polynesian
  • Middle Eastern
  • Jewish
  • Western European
  • Eastern European
  • Miscellaneous Other
  • Uncoded (No Group)
  • Hispanic
  • Other
  • Plus our 100’s of other filters! 

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All African American Ethnic GroupsFar EasternSoutheast AsianCentral & Southwest AsianMediterraneanNative AmericanScandinavianPolynesianMiddle EasternJewishWestern EuropeanEastern EuropeanMiscellaneous OtherUncoded (No Group)HispanicOther

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