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Lead Research Group Mailing List CASS Certification

Lead Research Group Does Mailing List CASS Certification

Do you get too many “Return to Senders” on your direct mail campaigns? Are you spending your marketing budget on direct mail and not seeing results? It may be time to clean your mailing database. Lead Research Group does Mailing List CASS Certification.

CASS Certification is more than just a standard mailing list clean up. CASS stands for Coding Accuracy Support System. It’s a type of certification created by the United States Postal Service. This certification system is used for address validation.

What CASS Certification Offers:

• Address Validation
• Mailing Lists Standardization
• Update of Old Addresses
• Verification that Addresses are Complete and Valid

After an address has been cleansed through this protocol, deliverability increases to nearly 100%. We can take your poorly performing direct mail lists and whip it into shape. That’s right! We can take your entire mailing list and make it deliverable.

Using our extensive database and CASS certification protocol, we should be able to update all of your out of date records. Any addresses that cannot be updated or validated will be cleansed from your list- never to mess up your result analytics again.

Why Lead Research Group?

We’re industry veterans. We understand the importance of your mailing list. That’s why we enforce strict security policies to keep your information safe. Beyond that, we’re focused on providing you the best service at the lowest cost.

So, even if you’re on a budget, we can take care of your mailing list CASS certification. Let us help you end the direct mail frustration. We’re quick, easy, and fairly priced. There’s no reason to not to get your mailing list taken care of today.

If you’re interested in getting a quote on your mailing list, fill out the form on the top right. You can also give us a call using the number on the top of the screen.

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