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Lead Research Group Mailing List NCOA 48 Cleaning

The Leads Warehouse division of Lead Research Group Does Mailing List NCOA 48 Cleaning

Doing direct mail campaigns isn’t a cheap endeavor. The cost of envelopes, postage, printing, and design can add up quickly. If you aren’t updating your lists for new change of addresses, you are throwing money in the trash.

Just how much money are you wasting? Let’s say that you do a 10,000 piece mail campaign. With postage, creative, and other essentials figured, you could easily spend $15,000. Now, if even just 10% of your list is bad because of change of addresses, you are unnecessarily losing $1,500. And, that’s just with a small 10,000 piece campaign!

It is absolutely essential that you have your mailing lists scrubbed for NCOA 48. Essentially, this means that your direct mail data base is compared against the USPS’s change of addresses over the last 48 months.

This Will Dramatically Improve Your Direct Mail Efforts By:

  • Providing Higher Rate of Delivery
  • Saving Company Money
  • Provide More Accurate Analytics
  • Saving YOU Time
  • Reducing Frustration by Eliminating Return to Senders

Why Choose Our Mailing List NCOA 48 Cleaning?

At The Leads Warehouse division of Lead Research Group, we’re industry veterans in direct mail. We understand the importance of a pristine database. We also know how sensitive your database information is. We have strict security protocols to keep your data safe.

Beyond the aforementioned, we understand that you’re on a budget. That’s why we offer our NOCA 48 cleaning below the market rate. Our prices and quality can’t be matched. We also pride ourselves on a quick turnaround time.

If you’re ready to stop throwing profit in the trash, get your mailing list NCOA 48 scrubbed today! Call the number at the top of the screen. Or, fill out the form on the top right for a completely free quote.

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