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Direct mail still remains as one of the most powerful ways to find new customers. However, even with the most solid direct mail campaign, without a steady stream of addresses of interested leads, your direct mail campaign will ultimately fail. We strive to provide you with solid mailing lists that skyrocket your postal campaign into success.

Our Mailing Lists:

  • Accurate
  • Filtered
  • Quality

We compile our DTV & Dish leads through various trusted sources. Like most generation companies, we utilize public databases, like yellow pages, court records, and phone books. However, what make us unique, is that we also use private sources to gather information. This gives us access to leads, that no other company or competitor has their hands on.

We update our unrivaled database regularly, to ensure that addresses are accurate. Beyond that, we give you filtering options. We boast   more than 300 filters to customize your postal list. We can filter your list by location, age, demographic, and more. This leaves you with a fresh and relevant list of leads who are likely to convert.

Our quality postal lists go for well under the market value. We offer you low prices, because we know once you try one of our DTV and Dish  mailing lists, you’ll be back for more. Start today!

By : Paul Young

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