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Email List Marketing

Lead Research Group Email List Marketing

Do you struggle to stay connected to your personal database? Have you wanted to employ email marketing but haven’t known how? Here at The Leads Warehouse division of Lead Research Group, we take the hassle out of email list marketing. We offer 2 different email marketing packages to help you excel in your email marketing efforts.

Our Email List Marketing Packages Are:

  • Convenient and Easy for Use
  • Targeted and Proven Effective
  • Priced Well-Below Market Average
  • Quick and Secure

We’ve honed in our technique to provide you with the best email list marketing available. No spammy, canned emails here. We utilize top-notch deployment and focus on conversion. At Lead Research Group we make email marketing a cinch.

Our Emails Are Different

Most companies who offer email marketing offer a standard email template. Same tired copy. Same poor results. These types of emails are often filled with spamtastic link bait. The hope is that readers click on the link and the conversion happens there.  The problem with this type of email marketing is that the email is often sent to the spam folder, or presumed spam before you get a chance to convert. Not with us.

Using dynamic variable insertion, we create one-to-one style emails. Our emails are written to seem more personal, more targeted, and are much more likely to convert. In fact, we use this type of email marketing on our own database, and we consistently have a response rate of 10-20%! You’d be hard pressed to find conversion rates like this anywhere else.

Two Packaged to Fit Your Unique Needs

We offer 2 different email list marketing packages. This allows you to choose the one that best fits your unique business goals.

Our first package is centered on targeting your personal database. You send us your database and we email them for you. It’s as simple as that. We talk to you about your goals and what you hope to achieve. Then, we use our tried-and-true creative copy style to write you up an email creative. We drop the emails and send the responses straight to your email. You don’t get bogged down with bounces, and you don’t have to do anything but respond! We can do this just once, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly- whatever floats your boat.

Our second package is a complete turn-key solution. If you don’t have an existing database, no problem. We utilize our well-renowned data department to get you a list of email addresses. We then use this list to drop an email on your behalf. We use the same aforementioned dynamic copy to boost conversion. Responses come straight to you. This particular package is only available in certain verticals. Availability is based on our data availability.

Order Email List Marketing, Today

We price our email list marketing based on your needs. We do pricing based on volume and charge on a per email basis. You won’t find a more comprehensive package for less anywhere else on the market.

Beyond that, we offer analytics on every email we drop. We can measure bounces, opens, unsubscribes, and blacklists. This allows you to really keep a hold on your email marketing efforts. We can see what’s working for you and what isn’t. This type of analytics also helps you keep your database free of junk emails, too. Our packages are truly comprehensive.

If you’re interested in Lead Research Group doing your email list marketing, contact us today. Call us today on the number at the top of the screen. Or, fill out the form on the top right to get a completely free quote.

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