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Medical Alert Leads

High Quality Medical Alert Leads

The Leads Warehouse is your one-stop-shop for medical alert leads. The Med alert industry is booming with potential, but you have to utilize the best in medical alert marketing: Medical Alert TV Leads.

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We have the highest quality life alert leads on the market. Our Med Alert TV leads are primed and ready for you to close the deal. This means outstanding conversion rates and impressive ROI.

Our Medical Alert TV Leads

  • Nationwide Syndication Commercial
  • Real-Time Medical Alert inbound calls
  • Raw Calls or Incentivized ¬†Calls Available
  • Daily Tracking Report
  • Priced Below Market Average

Our life alert TV leads can’t be beat! We’re able to offer you discount pricing without skimping out on quality. If you’re considering med alert inbound calls, The Leads Warehouse is the way to go.

Medical Alert Leads: How It Works

We offer you a nationally syndicated commercial, which means your potential for growth expands exponentially. Our commercial is set up to expand across several industries. Our process is a simple, 3 step approach:

1. The person sees and responds to our TV commercial by calling in

2, They’re asked if they’re interested in Life Alert or Medical Alert

3, If they answer, “yes” we transfer the call straight to you.

It’s that simple! You have a hot and interested medical alert lead ready to buy from YOU. You don’t have to spend hours cold calling. Just pick up the phone and sell.

Why Choose Our Life Alert Leads?

The Leads Warehouse is an industry leader. We’ve been providing top-notch leads and data to our clients¬†since 2005. We’re experts in life alert data, and we’re experienced in medical alert leads. We’re professionals in the TV lead industry, and we’re an Inc 500 recognized company.

What do all these accolades mean? They mean that you can trust us. We’re here to provide you with quality med alert TV leads and life alert data. We’re in the business of providing lifelong clients. So, we put our effort into providing top-notch leads each and every time.

Because we aren’t looking to make a quick buck, we offer our med alert TV leads at well below market average pricing. This is because we know that once you try our medical alert inbound calls, you’ll be back for more.

Beyond that, our life alert inbound calls are so good that our competitors buy from us and then sell them to you for double the price. Come straight to the source for your medical alert leads. Save yourself money and hassle.

Don’t Wait- Sign Up for Med Alert Leads Today

If you’re ready to take your medical alert business to the next level- now is the time to act. We only have a limited supply of our life alert TV leads. Don’t let your competitors scoop them all up!

If TV leads aren’t your game we also have a wide variety of medical alert data to choose from, including:

  • Medical Alert lists
  • Medical Alert email lists
  • Medical Alert phone lists
  • Medical Alert mailing lists

Whatever your life alert data needs are, we can fulfill them. Get started with your test today. Fill out the form on the top right of the screen, or call the number on the top to get started!


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