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Education Aged Opt-In Leads

We use several techniques that set our education aged, opt-in leads apart from every other lead generation company. We utilize innovative methods that make our aged leads amazing! For instance, we offer 4 different ways to contact our leads:

  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Direct Mail
  • Email

Sure, you can use the one that you are most comfortable with, or you can use all 4 of them! This allows you to contact every lead  in every way imaginable, giving you the best chance of making contact with our education leads!

Plus, we offer filtering techniques that are unrivaled by our competitors. Choose from over 300 different unique filters, ranging from age to how many years of college they’ve completed. This allows you to target specific demographics – just another way we keep YOU in mind.

And It Doesn’t Stop There

We also offer 5 different age segments for you to choose from. We have 1-7 days, 1-30 days, 1-90 days, 1-180 days, and 180+ days old! All of our aged, opt-in lead lists are tailored to fit your needs and bring you the biggest opportunity for recruitment growth.

The best part is – all of our aged leads opt-in for contact. That means they actually WANT you to reach out to them. They’re seeking a new school, and you need to be the first one to convince them. So, sign up today and get a huge jump on your competition!

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