We take lead generation to a whole new level with our Medicare aged, opt-in leads. We give you countless options, coupled with amazing prices and a lead company that you can trust to do the job right! We offer:

  • Opt-In Services
  • Different Age Segments
  • Plenty Of Contact Methods
  • Unlimited Filtering Options

One of the best things about our Medicare aged leads is that they have all opted-in for contact. That means – they are just waiting to hear from YOU! We gather all of our opt-in leads from TV, Radio, and, mostly, Internet advertising. We utilize top-of-the-line techniques to bring you interested leads, every time you purchase one of our aged, opt-in leads.

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We also offer five different age segments for you to choose from, ranging from 1 day old to 180+ days old. Plus, we give you four different ways to contact them! You have the choice of phone, fax, email, and mail. For the best chance for customer conversion, use all four to ensure you make contact!

And We Filter!

We also offer over 300 different filtering options to help you get started! We already know you’re targeting leads that are 65+ years old, but with our filters, you get to narrow your search even further. Choose from location, monthly income, marital status, and many, many more!

Sign up today and watch your profits and customer base explode with our Medicare aged, opt-in leads!

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