Our Addiction Internet Leads Can’t Be Beat

Here at The Leads Warehouse division of Lead Research Group we pride ourselves in high-quality addiction internet leads. All of our internet leads are opt-in. This means that they’ve actually signed up to receive information from YOU. This type of warm lead is a must-have and valuable resource in the addiction industry.

Our addiction internet leads are offered via a live transfer call campaign. People visit tested landing pages, and then call in to receive help. Then they are pushed through via IVR, and become a lead. You have the option of taking these calls raw or having them with a 3 minute buffer, depending on your price and goals.

Our Addiction Internet Leads Are:

  • Flexible and Low Priced.
  • Filtered to Your Predetermined Specification.
  • Created to Optimize Accuracy.
  • Created for High Conversion.
  • Opted-in for Optimum Return on Investment.
  • Offered With or Without a Buffer

Addiction Live Transfers and More

We offer a wide range of addiction marketing solutions. We have addiction live transfers, addiction internet leads, addiction calls, and more.

Don’t wait for your competition to scoop these addiction internet leads up. Get your addiction leads today. We’re priced to sell and primed and ready for conversion.  If you’re interested in increasing occupancy at your recovery center, contact us today. Call us using the number at the top of your screen. Or, fill out the form on the right for a FREE quote.

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