Eliminate all negative connotation usually associated with aged leads! Our mortgage premium aged lead lists are proven and effective. We use methods that work! From start to finish, our aged lead list process is solid.

Effective Compilation Methods

  • TV Ads
  • Radio Ads
  • Internet Marketing
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Call Centers

We use the above mentioned strategies to locate our opt-in leads. People interested in refinancing their mortgages or getting a mortgage opt-in to receive more information. Once they’ve opted-in, they become a lead. That’s right! ALL of our opt-in leads actually want to hear from YOU!

Then, we compile our leads onto lists. How do we decide which leads go on which list? Filtering. When you start with us, you choose from hundreds of filters. We apply those filters to our database, to compile an aged list that’s targeted to YOUR individual needs. These filters include, but aren’t limited to: credit score, location, annual income, LTV, CTLV, and more.

We also offer several different age segments. This let’s YOU decide how aged you want your list to be. Our segments range from 1-180 days in age. Once we have a list that matches your age segments and filtering specifications, we give you 4 ways to contact your leads: email, address, phone number, and fax.

Our mortgage premium opt-in leads are leaps and bound above our competitions. If you want lists that will provide results, sign up today!

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