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Pro Buying Solar Leads | 7 Tips

Mastering the Art of Aged Solar Leads: 7 Pro Tips for Your Solar Business Success!

The solar industry is hotter than ever, just like your asphalt driveway in the middle of summer. So you’ve decided to join the cool kids and invest in aged solar leads to grow your business, right? Smart move! But how do you ensure you get the best bang for your buck? Fear not, solar enthusiast! We’ve compiled a list of seven hot tips to help you buy aged solar leads like a seasoned pro.

1. Research, research, research 

 Before jumping headfirst into the pool of aged solar leads, ensure you’ve done your research. You want to avoid ending up with lukewarm leads that don’t convert, do you? Here’s what to look for:

– Reputable lead generation companies: Identify reliable and reputable aged solar lead providers.  Furthermore check reviews, ratings, and testimonials to ensure they have a track record of satisfied customers.

-Buy Aged leads: Remember the golden opportunity to buy aged leads. These are leads that have been pre-qualified but have yet to be sold. They can be a more cost-effective option and still deliver excellent results. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), buying solar leads like a pro, especially aged leads can greatly increase your customer base and revenue. Solar Power World also provides insights on effectively managing and converting aged leads. (https://www.seia.org/; https://www.solarpowerworldonline.com/)

2. Prioritize quality over quantity

Secondly, the age-old debate of quality vs. quantity is a no-brainer when buying aged solar leads. Sure, you could buy a truckload of cheap leads, but what’s the point if they don’t convert? Focus on purchasing high-quality leads that have been pre-qualified and are more likely to turn into happy customers.

Remember, aged leads can be a great way to get quality leads at a more affordable price. So don’t be afraid to explore this option and save some cash! According to SEIA, buying aged leads can also help solar sales companies and agents target their marketing efforts better and increase their chances of success. (https://www.seia.org/)

3. Know your target market in Solar

As with any marketing strategy, knowing your target market is crucial. The more specific you can be, the better your chances of success. So, when buying solar leads, consider the following:

– Geographic location: Are you targeting homeowners in a specific region, state, or city? Make sure your leads match your desired service area.

– Demographics: Do you want to target homeowners of a certain age, income level, or home value? Tailor your leads to meet these criteria.

– Buy-Aged leads: You guessed it! Buying aged leads can be an excellent way to hone in on your target market. You can often find aged leads that meet your specific criteria, so remember to check them out. Solar Power World provides insights on how to filter and qualify leads effectively.

4. Set a budget for your Solar Leads

Before you go on a solar lead shopping spree, set a budget. This will help you avoid overspending and ensure you make smart investments in your business. Here are some tips for developing your budget:

Determine your average customer value (ACV): Knowing how much revenue a new customer brings in will help you understand how much you can spend on leads.

– Allocate a percentage of your marketing budget: Dedicate a portion of your marketing budget to solar leads.

– Consider buying Aged leads: By now, you know the drill. Buying aged leads can be a more affordable option, so remember to include them in your budget planning! According to SEIA, setting a budget and monitoring your expenses can help you maximize your return on investment (ROI) and make the most of your solar lead buying efforts.

5. Test and track your results 

Once you’ve started buying aged solar leads, it’s crucial to track your progress. This will help you understand what’s working and what’s not, allowing you to make informed decisions moving forward. Keep an eye on the following:

– Conversion rates: Are your leads turning into customers? If not, it’s time to reevaluate your lead source or sales strategy.

– Return on investment (ROI): Calculate your ROI to ensure your lead generation efforts pay off.

Lead performance: As always, monitor the performance of your leads to see if they’re delivering the expected results. If they are, keep buying them. If not, let’s adjust your strategy. Solar Power World recommends using lead tracking software to keep track of your leads and their progress.

6. Be patient and persistent with Solar leads

Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor will your solar empire be. Buying aged solar leads is an ongoing process, so it’s essential to be patient and persistent. Stay committed to your lead generation efforts; you’ll see results over time.

Remember to evaluate your aged leads’ performance, as well, consistently. Just because they didn’t convert the first time around doesn’t mean they won’t in the future. Keep following up with them and adjusting your approach as needed.

7. Forge strong relationships with solar lead providers

Last, but not least, develop a strong relationship with your solar lead providers. The better your relationship, the more likely they’ll be to provide you with high-quality leads. Plus, they might even offer you exclusive deals or discounts!

As always, remember to maintain a strong relationship with your aged leads provider, too. They can be an invaluable resource in your quest for solar domination.


To conclude, with these new seven tips in your solar-powered toolbox, you’ll be well on your way to buying solar leads like a pro. Remember to research, prioritize quality, know your target market, set a budget, test and track your results, be patient and persistent, and forge strong relationships with lead providers. And, of course, always appreciate the power of buying aged leads. 

According to SEIA and Solar Power World, incorporating these strategies into your solar lead buying efforts can help you to increase your customer base, revenue, and overall success in the solar industry. So, what are you waiting for? Go forth and conquer the solar industry, one leader at a time!

By : Paul Young

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