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Tax Relief Aged Leads

We have a new data set we just verified. We had a 44% contact ratio on this file. We generate these Tax Relief Leads through internet, TV, and radio marketing. We currently have 4,000 aged leads unsold, going back 60 days. We only have about 500 of these Tax Leads per week. So, if you’re interested, be sure to let us know.

Check out the results below:

Called on 4/15- 9:27 am- 10:46 am
50 Contacts Imported
Contact Ratio- 44%
Applied/ Accomplished- 8%
Applied/ Did Not Accomplish- 4%
Never Applied- 4%
Client Not Available- 4%
Disconnected- 4%
Hang up 10%
Answering Machine- 50%
Incorrect Contact Info- 2%

Contact us today to secure this data file.

By : Paul Young

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