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We offer incredible aged, opt-in leads that put us a step above the rest. We give you several different options to help you tailor our bankruptcy aged & opt-in leads to fit your business needs.

For starters, we give you four different ways to contact the leads. You can use phone, direct mail, email, or fax. Choose the one that is best for your business, or – better yet – use all four! It’s up to you!

We also offer over 300 unique filters that allow you to customize our opt-in leads to suit your business. You can target any demographic or location you want. Then, choose how old you want them to be! We have five different age segments for you to choose from, too:

  • 1-7 Days
  • 1-30 Days
  • 1-90 Days
  • 1-180 Days
  • 180+ Days (Legacy)

Opting In for Bankruptcy Aged Opt-In Leads Contact

There are several reasons why you should choose our bankruptcy aged leads, but the biggest is – they all want to be contacted! There’s no need to worry about leads hanging up or leads getting angry. With our opt-in leads, we use TV ads, radio ads, direct mail, telemarketing, and internet marketing to entice people to request more information of bankruptcy. Once they request more info, they become a lead.

These leads are just waiting to hear from YOU!

By : Paul Young

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