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If you’re looking for credit repair phone lists to jump start your telemarketing campaign, then you’re in the right place. We have the best credit repair phone lists on the market.

Our Credit Repair Phone Leads Are:

  • Opt-In, Internet Generated
  • Offered Aged or Real-Time
  • Generated via Real-Time Web Campaign
  • Nationwide or 5 state select
  • Low Priced with High ROIs
  • Unlimited volume

If you’re tired of calling uninterested, cold prospects, our calling lists are the remedy. We target your ideal demographic from the beginning. Using our proven internet feeds, these leads have indicated that they have poor credit and they want help. This means you’ll be telemarketing to interested prospects from the beginning. Say goodbye to wasted marketing budgets.

The particular credit repair phone lead has resulted in huge returns for our current clients, and so we feel confident that you can expect the same. If opt-in leads don’t fit your budget or needs, we also offer an unrivaled consumer data portal that we can filter to fit your needs.

Our methodology is tested, our results are proven, and our options are wide open. If you want to get your hands on quality, low-cost credit repair phone leads for telemarketing, don’t wait to reach out. Contact us today.

Getting started is simple. Fill out the form on the right, or give us a call to get a free quote.

By : Paul Young

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