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We have the best DTV and Dish phone lists on the market! We use unparalleled data compilation techniques to find quality DTV and Dish leads. We utilize public records as well as private sources to locate high-quality leads. We have the largest lead database available anywhere, and we’re updating it daily.

Our DTV & Dish Telemarketing Lists:

  • Filtered
  • DNC Leads Discarded
  • Priced Insanely Low

We filter our telemarketing lists based on your needs. When you sign up with us, you choose from hundreds of filters. These filters include: location, income, demographics, etc. We apply those filters to your phone lists to ensure that your leads are relevant and highly likely to convert. We offer these filters at no extra cost!

Beyond that, during our daily update, we discard any phone numbers that are on the DNC registry. This saves you time, because you don’t have to do it yourself. It also helps you avoid angry phone calls or getting hung up on.

We offer all of this at prices that are well below the market average. We know that once you try our DTV & Dish calling lists, you’ll be back for more! If you’re ready to start receiving high-quality phone leads, from a company with PROVEN results, sign up today.

By : Paul Young

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