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Most HARP lists are 60-80% Fannie or Freddie Loans. Our premium HARP targeted leads are our specialty, and boast a 97% Accuracy. Our largest and most successful clients buy our fresh and updated HARP mortgage lists.

The Leads Warehouse is an HARP lead expert. We deliver you a quality direct mail campaign of people who are Fannie or Freddie mortgage holders. We have the best Accuracy at 97% – and we stand by the product. We DARE you to test our HARP lists against any other provider in the business.

Off sheet pricing available for orders over 10,000.

  • 97% Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac Loan Holders
  • HARP Qualified
  • LTV/CLTV’s to 150% or Infinite
  • Home Values
  • Rate Filters
  • FICO
  • Mortgage Lates
  • Origination Dates before 2009
  • 100’s of Other Filters

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By : Paul Young

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