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Telemarketing campaigns require a steady amount of new phone numbers. With our calling lists, we give you a steady stream of phone numbers of interested and relevant leads. Our health care phone lists will improve your telemarketing efforts, helping you to get ahead in this competitive marketplace.

Our Health Care Phone Calling Lists Are:

  • Fresh
  • Filtered
  • Relevant
  • Reasonably Priced

We compile data using proven methods and we utilize public records and private data sources. We have an abundance of new health care phone leads pouring in on a daily basis. This ensures that your phone list is full of fresh and interested leads. Beyond that, we cleanse our database of numbers that are on the DNC registry. This saves you time and ensures you’re not contacting unwilling individuals.

We also filter our healthcare telemarketing lists based on your needs. We have hundreds of filters to choose from. These filters include: location, age, health status, income, credit score, and more. We apply these filters to your Health Care Phone lists so that you have relevant and targeted leads. The filters are included in the flat and reasonable rate. So, they’re no extra cost for you. Just an added bonus.

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By : Paul Young

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