Buying Real Time Versus Aged Solar Leads


Aged Leads Vs Real Time Leads

 Do you normally cringe when someone says a lead is old? Let’s compare the differences between aged and real time.

A fresh lead is great because, aside from a first shot at the sale, you have expectations already set and a rough idea of how things will go – that is, if you call it quick enough. However, you can only dial someone so many times a day, and aggressive calling can make some consumers clam up. Aged solar leads can be an instant solution.

The good news is,  in that scenario, the consumer who signed up for information didn’t get what they needed.  You can purchase that lead when its aged and make a second pass with a more personal touch for 80%+ cheaper than the original person paid for it! Yes, we’re talking about aged solar leads!

The original lead may have had inputted incorrect information that caused them to be routed to the wrong buyer that can’t help them.

Let’s do the math also. If you close 2 out of 100 real time leads at $40, you’re at a $2000 CPA. With aged leads you get a lot more quantity for less. If you close 2 out of 1000 aged solar leads and paid $500 for those leads, you’re at a $500 CPA. Two to three times less than fresh!

Now lets not just slam them with the same old pitch they’ve heard 100 times, try to be friendly customer service rep than the sales person. “Oh, hi john, sorry to bother you – I just wanted to see if you got  everything you needed about the solar rebate program? Some homeowners are eligible for $0 down!”

Simply put, with a well oiled sales process is the key to making any lead work.

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By : Sam Irving

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