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Aged Solar Leads

Achieving a $500 Cost Per Solar Installation with Aged Solar Leads


aged solar leads


The big solar companies are happy paying $1500 per sale, but you don’t have to. Below are some helpful tips to market inexpensively and use aged solar leads effectively!

Aged Solar Leads

When someone applies on a solar site, they get at least 10-20 calls per day. What happens? They get so annoyed they throw their hands up and stop answering. Maybe they got a rep who just started yesterday. Regardless, they still want information. So, 30 days later the calls stop and they’re all alone, still a slave to their power company. You can pick that lead-up for less than $6! These are aged solar leads!

Also, we’ve found that one in three leads reapply a year later for solar information! You can get a year-old lead for less than 20 cents!

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Referral Marketing

Who doesn’t love free money? Your existing customers can be your own miniature sales army, just like aged solar leads.

  • Offer people $500 for every person who installs solar – if your wife’s friend can sell essential oils on Facebook, she can sell solar!
  • Ask for an online review of your service – offer $100 off or so for a Yelp + Google review – ideally from existing customers

Offer a Contest/Sweepstakes/Gift Card

This may generate some people who want the prize, but it’s a good way to inexpensively get some interest.

Offer a prize/gift with your consult, a $50 gift card to Olive Garden (unless they’re Italian)

“Are you a homeowner with skyrocketing energy bills?” You can win a $200 gift card to Amazon when you get a request and complete a FREE home energy audit! Use aged solar leads to build a list you can market this to.

Outside Of The Box Marketing – Door Knocking Aged Leads.

Prospects can run, but they can’t hide.  A lot of people don’t even pick up the phone these days with advancements in caller ID blocking, so door knocking can be an invaluable tool to get in front of people you can’t easily reach.

Tips For Door Knocking:

  • Prioritize solar-ready roofs

This is an easy one  – does the roof look like it was installed during world war 2?

  • Know your audience

Are there kids’ toys in the yard? You know that the power bill isn’t going down anytime soon.

  • Is the house updated with other improvements like newer windows?
  • Are there nicer cars in the driveway?

Find The Pain Points

  • The rising cost of utilities – lock in a permanent price with solar – no more fretting over the summer power bill while running AC!
  • Long-term savings – a month, a year, five years
  • Environmental impact – Guilt over emissions or global warming

Have Your Script Mastered

“Hey quick question, I’m with ABC Solar. We just installed solar panels for Mr. Robin down the road, he saved $2000 a year in power costs and didn’t have to put a penny down because of his excellent credit score, would you be interested in a $0 down the system as well to eliminate your power bill?”

Example 1:

“Good morning! I’m john from Solar Studs, I was passing by doing some courtesy checks as we’re doing an install down the street – I noticed your roof faces the sun. Does it get hot in there during the summer?

*Wait for an answer*

We could do a free energy audit to see how much you could save on your power bill by turning that heat into free power, do you have 30 minutes this week for a free audit?”

Example 2 – aged solar lead:

Hi, (first name) My name is________ with [company name]

We are doing a courtesy outreach to homeowners with information about a new statewide program that is available to lower your electric bill and lock in the low rate. 

With this new solar energy program, you could see immediate savings of 30-50% off your monthly electric bill right away and for the ZERO out-of-pocket program.

Not everyone qualifies for our zero out-of-pocket programs.

But… you qualify for this program and can have the entire solar panel system installed and set up for no down payment, and bring down your monthly bills right away. You can also lock in this rate so that you don’t have to worry about rate increases again.” 

Example 3 – aged solar lead: 

Hey, this is Matt with Solar Guys. Was  Looking for “first name, last name” at the address… You’re “first name”, I presume?

Great. We’re out here following up on the neighborhood electrical projects. I’m sure the [insert current nearby customer] has told you about it.


Another easy tool is a simple video on your company and its benefits. You can always redo it later – have fun with it!

A simple 90-second video can excite consumers who are resistant to other forms of marketing.

Some sample (corny) scripting:

“The sun is the only unlimited resource, always working even when you need a rest”

“Would you enjoy lowering your heating/cooling bill using some of that 27 million degree of heat?”

“Solar Babes are here to bring the heat…into environmentally friendly power that YOU are in control of”

E-mailing Your Aged Solar Leads With a Drip Campaign

This may seem like it’s not as useful, but it’s a noninvasive way to stay in your customer’s ears and gently prod them about going solar. You could do an email about energy savings first (the obvious), then one about home value, tax credits, or a reminder of how much power rates have gone up over the past few years.

In summary, you may have heard the phrase “you get what you pay for” – but that’s not always true in the world of sales & solar. Some consumers will react favorably to a different approach, solar company/rep, or an in-person interaction. Their situation may have changed from a year ago (power rates are not getting any lower). Simply put,  big solar companies are only closing a small percentage of the leads they buy and there’s plenty of room for the underdogs to take over and find more gold.

By : Paul Young

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