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Predictive Dialing for Solar Leads

Convoso And Why You Should Use Predictive Dialing for Your Aged Solar Leads Outreach

Simply put, if you want to meet or beat your solar sales quota, you must contact many high-quality, aged solar leads. That translates into a lot of calls made of Predictive Dialing for Solar Leads. 

Even if you manually dial one number after another, that doesn’t guarantee a sale any time soon. Sometimes you get through, but more often than not, you just listen to dial tones, busy signals, and answering machines.

By using a predictive dialer, you can reduce the time it takes for a call to be answered to just 3 seconds. With a predictive dialer, you can spend precious minutes talking to potential aged solar leads rather than making calls and listening to voicemails and busy signals.

This article will discuss why Convoso is one of the best dialer software for your solar leads sales team or call center. But first:

What is a Predictive Dialer?

Predictive Dialing for Solar Leads

Predictive dialers are automated outbound calling software that dials from a list of phone numbers, filtering out busy signals, answering machines, disconnected phones, and no answers to connect sales representatives with solar leads quickly. 

Modern predictive dialers can also use data to fine-tune the calling pattern to maximize the efficiency of sales teams.

The term “predictive dialer” refers to either a standalone product or an element of a more comprehensive solution like Convoso, such as a customer relationship management system with an integrated dialer.

Predictive dialers drastically cut down on wasted time in the sales process by focusing on quickly connecting sales representatives with solar leads.

The sales consulting firm Brevet found that it takes an average of 8 attempts to reach a prospect through cold calling. To add insult to injury, it is not uncommon for a salesperson to make 18 or more attempts before finally getting through to a potential customer.

Automatic telephone dialing systems that use predictive algorithms can simultaneously contact multiple telephone numbers. In response, they filter out unanswered calls and only forward those with a dial tone.

A predictive dialer, in a nutshell, is a tool that helps you only talk to people who pick up your calls. Also, it does so in a way that makes it easy to quickly work through lengthy solar lead sets.

Benefits from Using a Predictive Dialer for Aged Solar Leads

A predictive dialer can make 3-second call intervals a reality.

The result? Countless advantages, such as:

  • Getting your outbound calling costs down.
  • More opportunities to strike up conversations because of the low downtime. And with that comes the opportunity to increase sales.
  • Helping you avoid a lot of hassle.
  • Growing the number of aged solar leads that you can reach.
  • Skyrocketing your success rates at reaching out to leads.
  • Offering you additional time with each prospective customer.
  • Increasing your time nurturing each solar lead.

Also, it will increase your team or all center’s initiative and enthusiasm.

Predictive Dialing for Solar Leads

It’s no secret that how your employees feel is essential to your sales performance. You know that your team’s chances of successfully connecting with a new solar lead decrease dramatically if they feel down before making the call. Prepare them with a positive frame of mind, and you’ll increase your chances of having successful calls.

Why You Should Consider Convoso for Your Aged Solar Repair Outbound Campaigns

What is Convoso?

When it comes to outbound call centers with 20 agents or more, Convoso is one of the best predictive dialers available. It is the autodialer for you if you need to make calls simultaneously across multiple channels. Features include both branded voice calls and text message follow-ups. 

What Are Convoso’s Features?

1. Predictive Dialing

This predictive dialer’s algorithm considers data like the typical length of outbound calls, the ratio of failed to successful connections, and the time spent waiting for a dial tone and an answer from the customer. It can recognize answering machines and, if desired or necessary, leave a prerecorded message for prospects you couldn’t reach.

The predictive dialer will react and adjust intelligently as these inputs change, ultimately maximizing agent efficiency. The outbound productivity of your call center may increase by as much as 400% if you switch from a manual approach to one based on a predictive dialing solution.

2. Call Branding 

With Convoso’s patented ClearCallerIDTM solution, you can monitor when major carriers flag or block your numbers and when FTC complaints are lodged against them. Convoso will verify to carriers that your phone numbers are being used lawfully. 

To stop calls from being incorrectly flagged, use ClearCallerIDTM to swap out numbers quickly and automatically update campaigns with new numbers. 

If your platform is STIR/SHAKEN certified, you’ll get an “A”-grade caller ID and answered calls with the option to personalize the greeting with your company’s name, logo, and the reason you placed the call.

3. Omnichannel Campaigns

Using Convoso’s omnichannel platform, which includes voice, SMS, email, and IVA, you can receive voice or SMS notifications in addition to the usual email or text message.

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By : Paul Young

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