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Guide To Buying Solar Leads

Your 2022-2023 Solar Lead Buying Guide

guide to buying solar leads

With The Consolidated Appropriations Act Extension, Congress successfully extended the 26% solar tax credit through 2022.  However, that tax credit will drop to 22% at the start of 2023 and expire in January 2024 so it’s crunch time to get homeowners signed up to take advantage of these programs.

Why Purchase Solar Leads?

Guide to buying solar leads

A solar installer has two options when it comes to getting the leads they need to maintain growth – they can either generate their leads via their own lead generation strategy, or they can purchase leads from a reputable third-party provider.

You can’t go wrong generating your own leads via Facebook/Google ads, but it takes time and a significant investment to become profitable. You’re a solar expert, not a digital marketing guy, and have a business to run. Plus the CPA can be as high as $2700 since Apple killed Facebook’s tracking.

However, you can save all that time and effort by working with a company that’s already generating solar leads. There are challenges with finding & vetting the right lead vendor as well. How do you weed out the garbage?

  1. Does this vendor have proper permission to call? Legitimate vendors will have a token called TrustedForm or Jornaya that validates that the consumer filled the form out.
  2. Do they know what their leads are costing per sale? You can get 10 appointments for $300 each, but if only one closes you’re paying $3000 for one sale. An aged lead averages $500-$800 per sale.
  3. Are you the only person buying the lead or are they selling it multiple times?
  4. Does the vendor want a large amount upfront or can you do a smaller test first? This goes two ways, you need a large enough sample. 5 leads are not enough data to determine quality. What’s great about aged leads is you can get far more for a lot less cash.

The Leads Warehouse has been around for 15 years – we’ve done the testing for you

The Leads Warehouse has tested numerous sources already and done the dirty work for you, so you don’t have to burn valuable marketing dollars testing several different vendors.


solar lead buying guide

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By : Paul Young

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