Scripting for Solar Sales


A good script makes all the difference when contacting an aged or fresh solar lead to turn them into an appointment.

The phone/cold calling method is one of your best tools, but an aged lead is always better than dialing the yellow pages or door knocking a random homeowner!


What should my script look like?


-Start off with a simple & friendly introduction – remember first impressions always count and practice makes perfect!

-Explain the reason for your call – we just installed a system down the street for your neighbor, there’s a cat stuck in a tree, or the evil power company is increasing rates 6-7% per year, and you’re here to save them!

-Wow them with questions – Learn about your prospect and figure out what may motivate them:


  1. Did you know that solar panels can significantly reduce your monthly utility bill while simultaneously increasing the value of your home – an average of 2% increased value!
  2. Did you know there are government initiatives that help cover the costs of installing solar?
  3. I would appreciate if you could voice your concerns regarding what might be holding you back from installing solar panels?


Script Examples


Hi, is Jim available? This is _ calling.

Hey Jim great to get in touch – I was just calling from ___, we’re just going to be in your neighborhood next week and we were reaching out to some other neighbors to discuss reducing your electric needs, with a focus on saving money and potential tax credits.

We have a system that permanently eliminates or reduces your monthly electric bill by at least 75%.

Do you know how much your monthly power bill is?




Hello is this Joe Bob?

Hey Joe Bob! This is Robin from Bat Solar, I wasn’t calling to sell you anything I was just letting you know we’ll be in the neighborhood next week and I wanted to see if you would be interested in a quick consultation on reducing your electric needs – would you be able to meet for 15-30 minutes to see if you qualify for Government incentives on solar and potentially increasing your home’s value by 2% as well?



Hi is <name> available?

Hey <name> this is Robin from Bat Solar, we’re just notifying homeowners in the ___ area that because of the high power usage you may be able to reduce or eliminate your electric bill with a solar system that will nearly pay for itself overtime.

Does your power bill average over $75 or more like your neighbors?

If you have good credit and no collection notices or past due medical bills, you can get a system with no upfront cost!




I can’t afford a solar system!

Rebuttal: There are government rebates/incentives as well as financing options, do you want to just see if what you qualify for? The cost of solar has dropped 70% between 2010 and 2016. If you refer a neighbor we can get you a great discount as well! How’s your credit score?


Will panels devalue my property?

Rebuttal: No! In fact your home value can increase being that no power bill is one less cost and one more selling point to a potential buyer!

My power bill is already only $100 a month!

Rebuttal: That IS low! But (power company) is only increasing rates by 6-7% per year, you bill will only keep rising.  You could lock in your low bill forever and eventually have no bill with a solar system.


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