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Customer Service and Sales - The Best Combo for Company Growth?

For a business to work and grow, there is always a need for centralized customer data. And a vision for helping customers directly and effectively with the most relevant and viable solutions at any moment. For that to happen, a company should have efficient customer service and sales departments that work together efficiently.

The team-up would make any company solid and profitable. The sales department usually takes care of all information regarding the products and services being offered by the company. Thus, improving how the company can develop and maintain them. Meanwhile, the customer department takes care of the whole customer experience. Their job is to make sure that the customers are happy and satisfied.

The combination would’ve been so perfect if it were in a dream scenario. Sadly, the reality between those two departments is far from what any company wants. Nowadays, we all get stories of how angry customer service representatives get when confronted with phone calls from customers who were fooled by sales agents. On the other hand, the sales department blames the customer service people for not reducing the customer churn rate.

Customer Service and Sales

There is still hope, however; all it takes is for leadership to realize that these two departments, then moved to work together, can do wonders for the company!

The Advantages of Streamlining Customer Service and Sales

Perhaps the biggest advantage that a company can get when they streamline their customer service and sales processes together is that there’s a huge improvement in customer experience. And increased profits, brand loyalty from customers, and an efficient customer retention service.

By aligning customer service and sales, one can develop good customer relationships through having more confident interactions and more collaboration on ideas. When these two departments work together, there is harmony within the company, which is good for creating an atmosphere where customer service is always number one.

We now understand the advantages of a company with streamlined customer service and sales departments. But how does one get to that point then?

How to Align Customer Service and Sales?

Providing Customer Data Access to the Sales Department

One big reason why some sales departments are not as sensitive to the needs and wants of their customers is that they probably have no idea what the customers have in mind. Most of the time, it’s only the customer service department that has access to those records because, of course, those are vital information for customer care and retention.

By giving the sales department access to essential customer data, the sales department now has an understanding of the customer’s interests and demands. The data includes tracking conversations and emails from customers. These all bring valuable information to the sales department which can help them in understanding what the customer needs, improving the features of the product/service, and closing more deals. Thus, bringing more profits to the company.

Creating a Team of Decision Makers that includes the Leaders from Both Teams

On a normal business day, the customer service team and sales team act independently from each other. When that happens, information is not always passed from one team to the other. The customer service team is often obligated to inform the customer of any changes in their products or services. While this is often the normal process for the customer service team, it could be detrimental to the sales team. Any new changes in the product/service are not always appreciated by the customer. And this may cause friction between a potential customer and the sales department.

The solution for this type of problem is to create a team of decision-makers who will discuss and decide the processes involved. When the team is made, however, a piece of good advice is to also bring in the leaders from the sales team and the customer service team. With this team of decision-makers, the group can think of ways to build viable solutions for any issues concerning both sales and customer service.

By Communicating Effectively

For a company to work together effectively, there should also be effective communication too. Whether it is the brand and the customers or just within the company departments. There should always be good communication between teams so that each department can carry out its roles responsibly and effectively.

The sales team is responsible for providing solutions and satisfaction to the customers through the company’s products and/or services. While the customer service team’s job is to assist the customers with any issues that they encounter with the company’s product. And to keep up with the commitment provided by the sales department toward the customers.

The only way for those two departments to carry out those responsibilities efficiently is through effective communication.

By Creating a Vision where the Company aims to Choose Customers over Competitors

A successful company is both customer-focused and sales-focused. It allows the company to take care of its customers without sacrificing profits. A company can go for the sales-centered approach. But you often lose customers a lot because you are more concerned about getting profits rather than taking care of your customers.

For a company that is more centered around the customer, what usually happens is that you tend to lose profits. Because the company invests so much in creating products that produce a better customer experience but for a lesser profit. There has to be a balance between customer service and sales for a company to grow.

While it is the dream scenario, there are also times when you need to go for the sales-centered approach. If you are going to push forward with this route, always remember to think about the company’s customers first and foremost. Without them, your business will not thrive or grow at all.

Customer Service and Sales Teamwork

In Closing

Remember to align your company’s customer service department and sales department together. And you’ll see a lot of growth potential for your company in the future!

By : Paul Young

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