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Aged Leads Ringless Voicemails

How to Convert Aged Leads with Ringless Voicemails

Behind each closed sale are hours of hard work. It takes time to generate leads, contact potential customers, build relationships, and close the deal. Ringless voicemails to convert aged leads are one of the best strategies to close those sales.

The first step, generating the leads, can often be the most complex and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here at The Leads Warehouse, we know the benefits of buying aged leads. This tool gives salespeople the potential to boost their business and eliminate time-consuming outreach processes.

Even once you have the leads, salespeople are constantly under pressure to establish new ways to get in touch with their leads. It is all about increasing the likelihood of landing the sale. Today, converting aged leads with ringless voicemails is one of these optimal forms of communication. You may be wondering, how do they work? Do they lead to more sales?

This article will outline everything you need to know about working and converting aged leads and how to leverage ringless voicemails to land those sales.


What are the benefits of aged leads?

Before working with ringless voicemails, let’s review how aged leads can help your business strategy.


Aged leads are often available at a lower sales price than standard leads lists. This allows you to purchase more extensive quantities while staying within budget. Thus, you can produce a high ROI for your business.


Working with aged leads lists, you can filter customers by various qualities. You can ensure you are working with warm leads who meet the parameters of your sales process.

Time savings

Don’t waste time generating leads, conducting outreach, or repeatedly reaching out to individuals who are not qualified or interested in your service. Instead, use aged leads. They allow you to work within predictable parameters. You can be sure that everyone you speak to is looking for the service you offer. These time savings will save you money in the end.

Qualified customers

Because of the filtering options on the aged leads lists, you can be confident that everyone you reach out to meets the necessary qualifications to pursue your service offerings.

Convert aged leads with ringless voicemails

Why do aged leads have a high conversion rate?

Salespeople who work with aged leads know it better than anyone else—they deliver. Why? Because you are contacting customers who are in the market for your service. It’s as simple as that. Using aged leads allows you to weed out potential customers who were never going to buy from you in the first place.

How can I convert my aged leads using ringless voicemails?

Now it’s time to talk strategy. Once you have your list of aged leads, your success is up to you. It is all in communication. Right now, we are seeing salespeople reach great success by using ringless voicemails.

What are ringless voicemails?

We all know the routine of having our phone ring. First, you see it’s an unknown number. Then you ignore the call. Finally, you get a voicemail notification just a minute later. At that point, the call recipients are already annoyed. They saw the number come through when they were interrupted and are anticipating another spam voicemail.

Ringless voicemails eliminate the frustration of being interrupted by an unknown caller. Skipping this first step, salespeople can leave a pre-recorded audio message in potential customers’ voicemailboxes without the telephone ringing beforehand.


How does converting aged leads with ringless voicemails help your strategy?

You may be thinking this method sounds like it skips the part where you land the sale—in the conversation with the customer. But converting aged leads with ringless voicemails offers a format with extensive benefits that tend to yield more successful results for the salesperson.

Convert aged leads with ringless voicemails


Here are six ways ringless voicemails will help you convert aged leads

Improve your pitch

Communication is the key to success in sales. Perfecting that ideal pitch for the right customer is essential. When you are dropping voicemails, you use pre-recorded audio for your aged lead where you can capture your best pitch for that audience segment. This means each customer will hear your best-ever sales attempt as their first impression, with no variability from the conversation.

Increase efficiency

You don’t have to repeat yourself over and over to hundreds of leads until you land a sale. This method allows you to blast your message out to the right audience in one swoop. By increasing your communication efficiency, you can focus on reaching as many people as possible. You can target each group with the right message to take away.

It’s non-intrusive

The worst part about cold calling is catching someone when they are eating dinner, enjoying time with family, or getting interrupted by something important at work. This dynamic tends to set the relationship on the wrong foot. It prevents the customer from ever coming around to engage with the salesperson again. Ringless voicemails are non-intrusive and will not interrupt your potential customers. They are not the same as a phone call, so you won’t have to worry about that boundary.

It doesn’t annoy customers

Ringless voicemails mean that customers won’t enter the interaction already feeling annoyed. People hate to be interrupted and pulled away from important matters. Annoying someone from the start generally doesn’t lead to a successful sale.

Maximize response from customers

Because phone calls and voicemails are less common today than, for example, email marketing. Customers are more likely to respond to this form of communication when they see you have left them a voicemail. This communication option allows them to check the message at a convenient time of their choosing and process the information when they are more likely to respond.

It’s the best of both worlds

Essentially, with this form of communication, you benefit from the personability of a phone call and human voice but avoid all opportunities for messing up the pitch or annoying your customers along the way.

Check out the aged leads offered here at The Leads Warehouse to find customers you can contact today.

By : Paul Young

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