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How to Maximize your Communication with Sales Leads with Aged Auto Insurance Leads

maximize your communication with sales leads with aged auto insurance leads

So much of a sales strategy lies in the sales pitch especially when contacting your aged auto insurance leads. It helps to have a great personality and unmatched charisma to land sales and keep clients. But that isn’t everything. The shy folks among us can also succeed in their sales and form strong client relationships. 

What’s the key? Perfect your communication strategy and approach. 

Customers need to feel heard, cared for, and understood when they make major financial decisions. When contacting your aged auto insurance leads, it is essential to build trust through a reliable and professional strategy. 

In this article, we will:

  • Outline the number one communication problem that salespeople face. 
  • Explore why your communication strategies may be failing.
  • Show how to find occasions to reach out when you are more likely to land a sale. 

What’s the number one problem with most communication in sales?

The main culprit of a failed communication strategy is a lack of personalization. Too often, salespeople use generic and cookie-cutter scripts and pitches that simply don’t resonate with their audience. A general template reaches everyone, but it is that quality that results in uninterested customers. 

Generic and templated scripts feel boring, cold, and untrustworthy. They leave leads feeling like they are receiving yet another spam call.

Maximize your communication with aged auto insurance leads

Why is your communication failing?

In addition to being too generic, these are other qualities that may be causing your communication strategy to fail. They can lead your potential customers to feel alienated from your communication style. 

Too long and complex

Typically, customers have one or two priorities or specific problems they are trying to solve through your product. By not listening first, you risk losing the attention of your potential customers. You may be expanding on details that don’t apply to their situation or interest them. This long, exhaustive pitch promises to lose the sale, as customers won’t connect with your product and service. They will feel that you aren’t catering specifically to their needs. 

Lacking an actionable next step to convert aged auto insurance leads  

If you successfully grab the attention of the aged auto insurance lead customer, the conversation must end with an actionable next step. Don’t leave it in their hands. Promise them a follow up with an additional form or sign-up sheet that can get the ball rolling. Don’t lose the opportunity to land a sale by simply ending a positive call and feeling satisfied that you have done enough. It takes follow-through. It is important to complete that step while they’re still interested. After the call, they will quickly move on to other priorities in their life. 

You are always just following up on your aged auto insurance leads

Reaching out repeatedly to check in on their decision-making process is often interpreted as annoying to the customer. You need to present new information or call for a specific reason. The more you ‘harass’ your aged auto insurance leads into making a purchase, the less successful you will be. Continuously following up and contacting them without adding value will likely drive potential customers away. 

How to create positive communication experiences?

To overcome the three problems we outlined, specifically the phenomenon of ‘just following up,’ we have identified several occasions that mark an ideal time to get in touch with customers. With these, you can see how they are doing and potentially land a sale. Reach out when there is a genuine occasion, like the following: 

Their credit history changes 

If you get alerted to a change in the credit score of your leads and potential customers, it is a great time to reach out. Let them know of any positive changes this could have on their package and qualifications. Do the research ahead of time. Present to them exactly how you will be able to offer an improved deal versus the last time you spoke. Explain what the changes mean for your service. 

Their life circumstances change

If your leads move, get married or have children, their qualifications and attributes may indicate a change in insurance packages. Get in touch to let them know the new options that are available to them that may not have been accessible before. Clearly explain how these solutions can answer the problems they are trying to solve.

Insurance rates and regulations have been updated 

If the market changes, update your clients. So many people turn down policies because of specific details like pricing and regulations. If these terms are updated and affect accessibility, get in touch with your potential customers. Let them know how they will benefit. 

There is a current sale 

If you are currently offering a deal, package, or sale for a limited time, reach out to your warm leads who would benefit from the new offer. Explain to them the terms of the deal and the associated deadlines. Make sure they understand if and how they may need to act fast to reap the benefits. 

They haven’t checked other pricing in a while 

Coasting with one plan and pricing package can cause customers to lose money over time. They may forget to check if their rate is still advantageous on the market. If you notice this with some of your leads, get in touch and update them about how there are better options elsewhere. Explain why you are reaching out and how you can help them overcome the inconvenience of changing policies. 

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