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Aged Auto Insurance Leads

Best Ways to Contact Aged Auto Insurance Leads 

So, you purchased a bundle of aged auto insurance leads. Now you have no excuse not to land the sale. How do you begin? What is the best way to communicate with your new warm leads? 

At The Leads Warehouse, we offer aged auto insurance leads that are fresh, filtered, and organized. They enhance every salesperson’s chance to find a qualified and interested customer. But once you have our leads, there are no excuses. Don’t mention shrinking pipelines or unqualified customers. With these leads, the ball is in your court to land the sale. 

In this article, we will explore five ways you can communicate with your leads. Start fostering a relationship and increase your chances of landing a sale. 


Nothing beats face-to-face communication. But, the phone is the next best thing. When it comes to aged auto insurance leads, door-knocking and other in-person strategies aren’t necessarily as appropriate. They are better for solar energy sales that relate directly to the homeowner’s property. 

Our aged auto insurance leads include each customer’s phone number. It is best to start with the most direct line of communication. Phone calls help both the customer and the salesperson convey a genuine tone. You will think of each other as real people. Finally, the salesperson can make a lasting impact that is more memorable than scrolling through an advertisement. 

Just remember, when communicating over the phone, it is essential to foster a trusting relationship. Be sure to:

  • Listen to the customer’s needs.
  • Answer their questions.
  • Be human. Don’t overpromise a product you can’t deliver. Give them your perspective. Tell them what you can offer and how it meets their exact needs. 
  • Exchange email addresses for follow-up communication. Plus, encourage them to follow brand social media accounts. 


After you establish contact over the phone, communicating over email is a great way to keep in touch. This method helps you navigate busy schedules. Too often, when just relying on phone calls, salespeople will wind up in a phone tag situation. Inevitably, one party eventually gives up and they never get to speak.

Email lets your customers send a quick question or idea your way. They can write during their commute, lunch break, or workday without having to carve out extra time to talk. 

When you are communicating with your aged auto insurance leads over email, be sure to remember a few pieces of etiquette:

  • Address the customer by their name. 
  • Keep the message short.
  • Use bullet points to convey information clearly. 
  • Respond within 24 hours. 
  • Make a clear subject line related to the topic (not “Hello!”)


Running email campaigns and other subscription services is a great way to communicate with leads over a more extended period. With aged auto insurance leads, each customer will be at a different point in their journey. Not everyone will be ready to close the deal on day 1. 

Some customers may need time to consider options. During that period, keeping a natural flow of communication going without scaring the customer away by chasing them down is ideal. 

Setting up an e-newsletter is a great way to get your company’s name into the potential customer’s inbox daily. The analytics will allow you to see your marketing strategy’s success. You can assess the click-through rate and other metrics from your email campaign. 

Remember these critical elements for creating a successful email marketing campaign: 

  • Use a real person’s name as the sender (ideally the sales contact they are used to).
  • Address the email to the customer. 
  • Incorporate compelling visuals. 
  • Test different subject lines. 

Social Media Marketing 

Similar to the benefits of email newsletter subscriptions, social media marketing allows you to keep in touch with your aged auto insurance leads. You can keep your company’s name in their mind and increase the opportunity to land a sale in the near future. 

Best Ways to Contact Aged Auto Insurance Leads through Social Media 

Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are great ways to post about your offerings, deals, and features. They allow salespeople to continuously pitch their services to clients without calling them every day.

When you have initial one-to-one contact via phone or email, be sure to share your social media accounts and connect with your customers. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind: 

  • Give your customers/followers a sense of the brand beyond your sales and products. Help them see about behind the scenes, your team, and your mission. 
  • Video content is king. Focus on short-form videos on a regular basis. 
  • Encourage participation by posting polls on the Instagram account. Get feedback directly from your followers that can help you improve your offerings in the future. 


Host regular webinars to give your aged auto insurance leads an opportunity to ask questions. It provides a context that is not pressuring or forcing them to make a decision about a sale. Plus, with other customers on the call, they will hear what their peers are thinking. They will learn new ideas they didn’t think to ask about themselves. 

Think of the webinar as a short tutorial, how-to, or lesson. Make it informal but productive and educational. Remember to:

  • Tell a story that connects with your customers and their needs. 
  • Follow up with opportunities to get involved or get new deals. 
  • Be transparent about pricing so that no one feels they are being tricked. 

And, of course, in all your communications, don’t forget to use your CRM platform.  Keeping track of details will help you can give tailored and customized service. Nothing is worse for your sales than forgetting who your customers are and what you spoke about last time. Make sure you optimize the platforms available today to enhance all of your customer communications.  

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