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Ten Tips for Leaving a Strong Sales Voicemail for your Aged Leads

Buying aged leads from The Leads Warehouse eliminates half the work as a salesperson. Coupled with having a strong sales voicemail for your aged leads will definitely help you land those sales. With these leads, you can be sure that you are speaking to interested, qualified candidates, saving you time and money.

But once you have the leads, it is essential to ensure that your communication strategy is effective and engaging. This will help you land the sales and make the most of your time and money savings.

We recently wrote about the benefits of using ringless voicemails in your sales for aged leads communication strategy. This post will review the benefits of that approach and how to craft the perfect recorded voicemail message.

The rundown on ringless voicemails

Ringless voicemails allow salespeople to drop a voicemail directly into a recipient’s inbox without the phone ringing first. This has several benefits, including that you can rehearse a perfected and pre-recorded pitch to deliver every time. Plus, your customers will be less annoyed because they did not get interrupted by a call. You, as the salesperson, can save time by efficiently distributing these pre-recorded messages.

Once you have this tool, you are almost in the clear with contacting your aged leads, but you must go ahead and perfect your voicemail message to optimize communication.

Sales Voicemail for Aged Leads

Here are ten tricks to leaving a perfect voicemail

1.    Keep it short

Try to keep the message under 20 or 30 seconds. Think about your own sales script for your clients. Don’t you find it annoying to see a message in your inbox that is a full minute or two? The idea behind voicemail is to drop a brief message and continue communication later. Don’t tell the whole story in a slow, dragged-out message. Keep it short and simple!

2.    Make sure it is different than what your emails would be

Since voicemail is a different form of communication, you can access a broader range of tones and messages than you would be able to in an email or text message. So, take advantage of this! Make sure you are speaking in a way that doesn’t sound like you are reading an email. Capture the range of emotions and tones you wouldn’t be able to convey in writing.

3.    Develop a strong opener

The trick is to capture the listener’s attention right from the start. You must lead with an engaging line that resonates with your audience’s needs and desires. Don’t be shy or quiet. Open by introducing who you are and the most appealing thing you can offer them today. Think of your audience when you write your script so you know that you are creating a message that appeals to their specific needs. This also means you must develop different scripts for different audience segments. That’s ok. You will still be saving time by communicating in this format.

4.    End with a call to action other than a callback

It’s so predictable to end a voicemail by saying, ‘give me a callback.’ Instead of offering this as the only way to move forward, suggest a different call to action your customer can take. What might these be?

For example, direct them to a web page they can visit to see the most important info. Offer them the information they can gather about their own situation so that the next time you talk, you can hear their story and propose solutions with your products and services.

5.    Sound natural

Even though you will be recording yourself in advance, be sure to sound calm, relaxed, and natural for your aged leads’ sales message. It will help you come across as relatable to your aged leads customers. No one responds to calls that sound robotic, so keep yourself comfortable and engaging.

6.    Wait until the end of the workday

Because people are so busy throughout the workday, your voicemail stands a chance of being overlooked or ignored. Waiting until the end of the workday means you will catch customers on their commute or at home in the evening when they are scrolling through their phones. This increases the likelihood that you will get a callback or eventual sale.

7.    Make it audible

When you record, be sure to be in a quiet, insulated space, so your voicemail doesn’t sound muffled. Keep the sound quality high so that customers will take you seriously and see a level of professionalism they can trust in a salesperson.

8.    Tell them you’ll be following up

Don’t just leave the ball in their court. Tell them you will follow up via email or text message so they can expect to hear from you again. This also avoids a customer from feeling like you are contacting them too much or crowding their space.

9.    Give them your number

Of course, callbacks ensure you provide customers with a way of getting in touch with you. Without that step, your gesture is nearly pointless. You won’t see any leads return your way. Leave your phone number at the end of the message after the call to action, so it is the last piece of information that your customers hear.

10. Sound confident

As the last tip, be sure to sound confident. Sell the service to your aged leads with enthusiasm. If you don’t believe in what you are selling, neither will the customers. So deliver your voicemail message for your with confidence and self-assuredness so that the customers can truly see the value of what you can offer them.

By : Paul Young

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