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Aged Final Expense Leads

Aged Final Expense Leads – Question and Answer

Aged Final Expense Leads

Final expense insurance solutions are essential for reaching a senior population nearing the end of their life. Email campaigns have been the most popular way to reach potential clients. But for getting aged final expense leads, email marketing may not be the best solution. For this category of clients, more real-life and personal methods are needed to gain leads.

What Are Aged Final Expense Leads?

Final expense means the last expenses of a man’s life; the funeral costs after their death which include things like funeral and burial expenses.

Some companies offer many final expense solutions to people of a certain age. In marketing, leads are the people who show interest or are likely to purchase a company’s services. Aged Final expense leads are nearing the end of their life cycle and looking for a solution to handle the expenses after their death proactively.

Why Buying Aged Final Expense Leads Are Necessary?

You can generate leads through email campaigns, but there are some limitations. Aged Final expense leads are mainly reached by email marketing, but the response rate is low, about 2%. Sending thousands of emails is costly, so that’s not an option. Many companies also buy Google keywords to show ads. That works but to a limited extent.

Aged Final expense leads are old-aged people who are in their 70s or 80s. They prefer physical mail or letters rather than emails. They are also skeptical of giving their information online, so it isn’t easy to get a response from your target through traditional digital marketing methods.

That’s why you should buy home phone call leads for reaching your elderly audience. This is the method they are most comfortable with and it will generate conversion for your company.

Various Types of Final Expense Leads

The age of the leads categorizes aged final expense leads. Usually, these leads can be divided into 15 to 45 days, 45 to 85 days, 85 to one year, and one year to about three and a half years old. The price depends on the age of the lead. Fresh leads are more expensive, and old leads are cheaper. Many do not prefer to buy old leads because of obvious reasons.

Fresher leads mean that the leads are more likely to be alive and not have taken any final expense solutions by now. Old leads have higher chances of expiration. Even if they are alive, they are most likely to have already invested in a final expense insurance scheme.

Leads are bought in single to bulk amounts. It can be a bundle of 200 or 300 leads. Larger companies buy thousands of leads together, although that is not financially feasible for smaller companies or individuals.

How Much Should You Spend on FEX Leads?

The pricing varies on aged final expense leads from company to company. It depends on the age of the leads and also the amount you are buying. As we’ve already discussed, the age of the leads can greatly affect the cost.

Single leads can range from 6 dollars to 15 dollars. They can be quite costly, so it’s highly recommended to buy in bulk. Preferably the leads should be not more than 50 days old. This will ensure the highest value for your money.


The most apparent method may not always yield the desired result. Email campaigns have proven their worth in other marketing sectors to generate good leads. But if your target audience is the elderly then buying phone call leads is second to none. Hopefully, this clears up any questions you might have had about the last expense insurance leads and their importance.

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By : Paul Young

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