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Aged Final Expense Leads

 Final Expense Life Insurance Leads: A Guide for Insurance Agents

Insurance agents can significantly help clients by advising them to purchase an Aged Final Expense Leads policy. When they pass away, how sure are your clients that their money will be safe in their accounts? Do they know if there’s enough money to pay for the funeral? Will they have enough to share with their family later on?

After today’s millennials, the baby boomer generation is the largest living generation. Every member of the baby boomer generation will be well into their senior years by 2030. However, few have enough to rely on when the day comes, as the median amount they have saved for retirement is just over $200,000.

What this means is that there is a sizable demand for funeral insurance. You need only learn its secrets to use it effectively as an agent.

What Is Final Expense Life Insurance?
Aged Final Expense Leads
Seniors are the intended beneficiaries of final expense life insurance. In the event of their passing, the policy’s death benefit is paid to their heirs, relieving them of the financial stress associated with final arrangements.

It’s easiest to describe final expense insurance as a type of permanent life insurance that pays out a modest death benefit. Clients may also know it as final expense or funeral protection insurance.

Considering the exorbitant price of funerals is an excellent way to grasp the importance of life insurance. Funeral costs in the United States typically start at $7,360 but can go much higher.

Once retirees leave their jobs, they typically lose access to retirement benefits like life insurance. And they might not have enough money in the bank to leave behind to pay for a funeral.

If your clients have final expense life insurance, they can rest easy knowing that their loved ones won’t have to stress over money while grieving.

How To Find Final Expense-Aged Leads

As an insurance broker, you know there’s a sizable demand for final expense insurance. How can you start taking advantage of this moneymaking opportunity? It always begins with generating high-quality leads. 

1. Use Social Media 

Social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and others, has much-untapped potential. 73% of users between 50 and 64 use social media, and 45% of users over 65 participate in these platforms. You should advertise funeral insurance to this demographic on the sites they frequent.


You can start discussions about funeral insurance with a few simple Facebook posts. Posting information about funeral prices and costs can also pique the interest of your prospects. 

You should also consider how you could use Facebook advertising to get in front of customers as they browse their feeds. Try a few different approaches to see how much traction you can get. 

An active social media profile can yield unexpectedly high levels of traffic.

2. Advertise On Search Engines

To be successful, insurance agents require a marketing budget. Although we’ve touched on social media ads already, there’s also the option of using Google Ads to improve your rankings in search engines. 

You can narrow your focus to increase the likelihood that people in a specific demographic or locality will see your ads. Your efforts should be laser-like in their specificity so that you can easily track and measure the outcomes. 

Examine the situation to ascertain what is succeeding and what is not, and be prepared to make adjustments as necessary.

‍3. Buy Leads From a Lead Generation Company

Lead generation companies, like The Leads Warehouse, can be an excellent resource for finding high-quality final expense life insurance leads. 

Finding the right partner is essential, though. There are a plethora of online lead-generation services that provide free leads. These “free” leads often have strings attached, such as a specific product or service you must sell by a certain date. 

We don’t recommend free leads because there are a lot of other agents out there looking for free leads, and you won’t have an advantage because the leads are often shared.

4. Try Cold-calling

Cold calling is still effective in insurance sales, despite its declining popularity. 

  • Sometimes it’s a good idea to grab a list of phone numbers and start dialing them individually. One, you can practice your sales pitch for final expense leads insurance and see how potential customers respond. 
  • Second, this training exercise-turned-promotional opportunity may introduce you to one or two new customers. 

Cold calling isn’t the most exciting sales strategy, but it can be effective.

Looking For Quality Final Expense Aged Leads? We Can Help!

The Lead Warehouse has everything you need to successfully sell funeral and burial policies. Our resources can connect you with the most qualified prospects in the business.

We verify each lead’s authenticity before sending them to you, so you know they’re serious about learning more about your business. We use a wealth of historical and real-time data to guide our direct mail strategy for finding new prospects interested in funerals and other final costs. 

Let us promise that every client who works with us will receive only the highest quality leads. We’re dedicated to ensuring that every one of our clients is happy with our services, which is why we offer novel approaches to lead generation, always consider our clients’ suggestions, and never sell or trade our clients’ contact information.

Start lead generation for your company right now. Contact The Lead Warehouse!


By : Paul Young

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