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Medicare Leads for Insurance Agents | Buying Tips

Unlocking Growth: Aged Medicare Leads for Insurance Agents

If you are an insurance agent searching for ways to expand your Medicare market, buying aged Medicare leads may be the strategy you need. Aged Medicare leads refer leads over a few days to a few months old. These leads are less expensive than real-time leads and have the potential to generate significant new agent revenue if appropriately nurtured. In this blog post, we will share tips on buying aged Medicare leads that will bring value to your business.

Identify your target market

Before buying aged Medicare leads, insurance agents must identify their target market. Which group of people will be interested in your Medicare insurance policies? For instance, if your target market is seniors with chronic health conditions, focus on buying reports of leads that have fallen under that category. This will increase the chances of conversion, giving you a high return on investment.

Check for the Quality of the Leads: Aged Medicare leads can be either high-quality or low-quality. It’s essential to check the quality of leads before making a purchase. One of the ways to ensure you buy high-quality leads is by researching lead providers with a good reputation for delivering quality leads. Also, be mindful of lead providers who sell their information to multiple agents, which could lead to competition among agents and lesser chances of converting the lead.

Consider the Cost: One of the attractions of aged Medicare leads is that they tend to be less expensive when compared to real-time leads. However, comparing prices from different lead providers and determining if they align with your budget is essential. As much as you want to save, beware of purchasing too cheap leads, as they could be low-quality leads.

Go for Internet Leads

The Internet provides a vast source of aged Medicare leads. One of the benefits of buying internet leads is that they’re often generated online or from people who have inquired online. As a result, they’re likely to be more comfortable with technology and, therefore, likely to be receptive to email or phone call follow-ups.

Choose Between Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement Leads: When buying aged Medicare leads, agents must decide on the lead type they want. Medicare Advantage leads are for individuals that wish to enroll in Medicare Advantage plans, while Medicare Supplement leads are for individuals that want to supplement their Medicare plan. Choosing one type of lead over the other could save time and help agents provide tailored messages to their target market.

Choose Opt-In Aged Leads

Medicare insurance agent calls opt-in leads who are consumers that have expressed interest.  They are consumers with the highest intent to purchase thus providing an amazing selling opportunity. These leads are generated by consumers filling out a long form filled application, online, and electronically agreeing to be connected to a sales agent.

In conclusion, buying opt-in aged Medicare leads can be cost-effective for insurance agents to increase their Medicare insurance policy sales.

Use our tips to buy cost-effective aged Medicare leads, enabling agents to nurture profitable, long-term client relationships with ease.

By : Paul Young

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