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Aged Solar Leads

Aged Solar Leads – Stand Alone Form Fill Approach:

Solar companies are usually happy with a $1500 cost per deal. But few are aware that the right aged solar leads can close at $500 or less! Half the equation is great aged solar leads, half is great scripting. Even on their best day, long form, real-time solar leads only close at 15%….usually lower. This means 85%-95%+ of these people still need help!  With heavy competition and misinformation about the benefits of solar consumers may clam up! There are many reasons the consumer did not buy from the first salesperson they spoke with: They may not have known about tax credits for solar systems. Maybe the first salesperson was too pushy after his 10th cup of espresso, or the consumer had their “Sales” shield up – knowing it was a sales call…

That’s why a quality control/customer service type approach works. When investigating a consumer’s previous experience first, your staff can get to the real reason they didn’t buy within the first minute minute of the call. Use this ammo to help the consumer solve their needs and build trust. 

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Step 1: Establish A QC Call

Aged Solar Leads

Make this a quality control call – Not a sales call. Embrace the part of “Quality Control ” with a smile and voice inflection – high pitched like you just inhaled helium! If the consumer attempts to hang up – be sure to establish that you are jusssst looking for information and trying to help.

“Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening is this (NAME)? Hey NAME this is (REP) in the quality control department of (Solar Mart) …..It looks like you spoke to someone awhile back about a solar system…..I didn’t see you sign up with us….What happened? 

“What is this about?” – “Who are you?” – “Did I speak with you?”

“Not trying to sell you anything…it looks like you spoke to SOMEONE about a solar system for your home to eliminate your power bill …but I JUST want to make sure someone answered your questions with the best information and met your needs – Can you tell me what happened? 

Step 2: Interview Aged Solar Leads For Information

Get the consumer talking about what happened. Was the previous sales rep able to answer all of their questions? Was he knowledgeable? What were they trying to do…..back then?

  • Did they get it accomplished?
  • What happened?

Use this ammo to help the consumer solve their needs and build trust! (Save them)

If response is “Did not Sign Up”

Usually your aged solar leads will not sign up for a few reasons:

  • I got too many calls, I couldn’t make a decision
  • No one called me to follow-up
  • The salesperson was too pushy
  • I didn’t like the way the panels looked on my house
  • I have too much shade!

“I’m glad I called you – in the quality control department I have access to products and programs others don’t have access tolet me help you solve that problem.”

  • I got too many calls, I couldn’t make a decision – I know the options can be overwhelming, I’m here to keep it simple!
  • No one called me to follow-up – Thank goodness I’m here now to help you save money!
  • The salesperson was too pushy – In the QC department, we just present you with options, and let you decide the best route. 
  • I didn’t like the way the panels looked on my house – We actually have a low profile option available. 
  • I have too much shade! – I’m sending someone with a chainsaw over, right now! 

If response is “Accomplished” 

(This is great! Lets check out the competition:)

“I’m happy to hear that. How many panels are you getting? How much did you pay for the system? Were they easy to work with?”

Interview them!

Step 3: Automation Solutions

Calling aged solar leads is all about automation!

Suggested Dialer Systems:

Suggested Texting Systems: 

Sample Solar Texting Script:

DISCLAIMER: This is for information only. We are not legal representatives. Please check with your legal counsel to ensure texting fits into your overall marketing plan. 

“Hi is this <name>?”

  • Yes, who is this? 

“This is John, I was reaching out to some older inquiries of people asking for solar on their home. I know it’s annoying when people call 🙂 Still in the Market?

  • Yes

Send digital business card “This is me”

(Get them talking) – Have you already gotten a Quote? 

Alternate Solar Texting Script + Pro-tip:

Go to: https://sunroof.withgoogle.com

Enter the customer’s address – this will give you a (free) heat map of where the customer gets the most sunlight on their roof

“Hey, (homeowner name)”

  • Yes, Who dis?

“Hey it’s John with Kentucky Fried Solar. I was just wanting to send you a heat map + savings analysis  – even if your power bill is only $140 the system will be making your roof profitable in 10 years. How much is your power bill currently?”


aged solar leads

By : Paul Young

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