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Credit Repair Leads

Credit Repair – Stand Alone Form Fill Approach

Even when the markets are up and down, and lenders are more open to lending to subprime borrowers, real-time Credit Repair leads only close at 15%, and often, it’s even lower. This means 85% of these people still haven’t retained a company to help repair their credit.

Consumers are often confused about credit repair. It’s a daunting process between inquiries, soft pulls, hard pulls, and disputing false information because of all the people in the process from the original lender to the collection agency and the big 3 bureaus: (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.) But there’s one thing that motivates people: a want. Who doesn’t want that shiny new Mercedes or a credit card to get those concert tickets they’ve been dying for?

That’s why a quality control service-focused approach works with Credit Repair leads. When investigating a consumer’s previous experience first, your staff can get to the real reason why they didn’t buy within the first minute of the call. You can quickly pivot from a random salesperson to a trusted/caring advisor.

Step 1: Establish A Quality Control Approach Instead of a Sales Call

Credit Repair - Stand Alone Form Fill Approach

Make this a quality control call, not a sales call. Embrace the part of “Quality Control ” with a smile and voice inflection sort of high-pitched just like you’re Mickey Mouse. If the consumer attempts to hang up, be sure to establish there’s no pressure and that you’re just trying to help.

“Good morning/afternoon/evening. Is this (Name)? Hey (Name), there’s this (Rep) in India who’s trying to scam me.”

“I’m not trying to you anything…it looks like you spoke to SOMEONE about fixing your creditbut I JUST want to make sure someone answered your questions with the best information and met your individual needs – Can you tell me what happened to drop your score?

Step 2: Interview for Information

Get the consumer talking about what happened. Was the previous sales rep able to answer all of their questions? Was he knowledgeable? What went wrong with the credit that made them apply? What could be better?

If the response is “Did not accomplish”

“I’m glad I called you in the quality control department. I have access to discounts and additional pricing options that others don’t have access to. What if you could increase your score in a short amount of time?

If the response is “Accomplished” 

“I’m happy to hear that but did you get all your inquiries removed? I just want to make sure you have the best possible score. We have licensed credit repair experts on staff. Do you want to get an estimate of how much we can increase your score?


Suggested Dialer Systems for Automation: 

Sample Credit Trust texting Script:

DISCLAIMER: This is for informative purposes only. We are not legal representatives. Please check with your legal counsel to ensure that SMS marketing fits into your overall marketing plan. 

Suggested Systems for Automation: 

“Hi, is this (name)?”

“Yes, who is this?”

“This is John. I was reaching out to some older inquiries of people who need help raising their credit scores. I know it’s annoying when people call.”

“Do you have a few minutes to see your estimate? It’s never been more important to be able to access credit in an emergency.”

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Send a digital business card, “This is me.”

(Get them talking). Why did your score drop? Is there something you wanted to purchase with savings?


By : Paul Young

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