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How to Work Aged Credit Repair Leads

Working with aged credit repair leads is like working real time. Some people believe that just because they’ve paid for a lead, the lead will result in a sale. It’s not that easy, whether you’re an expert or just starting. But what you can do is make it effective.

Potential customers need to interact with your brand seven or more times across multiple channels before they are convinced to take action. Converting cold leads into qualified leads and paying customers requires persistent and persuasive interaction throughout the sales funnel.

Use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System


A CRM system allows you to keep track of leads and your communications with them. This means you will free up more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Once you’ve mastered a CRM, you can use it to provide individualized, high-quality service to all of your customers. 

You can use your CRM as a simple database to keep track of information about your credit repair leads and customers. Or you can use it to monitor progress toward your objectives and keep in touch with prospective customers at every stage of the buying process.

Develop a Killed Sales Script

sales script

You need a coherent message and end goal, just like in any other sales campaign. Here’s where sales scripts come in handy, whether for phone calls, voicemails, or email and text messages.

However, you shouldn’t be reading your sales script word for word. It has to be concise and representative of your company, but not too rigid as to alienate your prospects. That way, it will help you decide on and articulate your value proposition at each stage of the sales process.

The script is a set of talking points you should internalize. You can use it to boost your self-assurance and then convey your message to potential clients. Use a sales script as a guide and practice it so you can feel confident and at ease when making your pitch.

Leverage Calls, Texts, and Voicemails

It would be fantastic if a lead answered the phone when you called, but it’s unlikely. This is not the primary goal of sales calls. Instead, calls are your chance to introduce yourself to potential customers and start building the relationship.

If you end up talking to someone, have a well-rehearsed sales script ready, and if you don’t, be ready to leave a succinct and to-the-point voicemail. 

Since most people always have their phones in their hands, text messaging is also gaining traction in the sales industry to reach out to potential customers.

You should make sure that your call or text outreach still feels natural to your aged credit repair leads. You should be ready to help and explain why they should work with you. 

Automate Your Aged Credit Repair Emails Campaigns

You can save time and effort by using email automation software. You can sort your aged credit repair leads into different categories based on their potential value, demographics, and where they are in the sales funnel.

Each email you send should encourage the recipient to take some sort of action, such as getting in touch with you or even just reading some resources you’ve provided.

Email automation is a useful addition to your existing call and voicemail systems. You can send your lead a pre-call email to let them know you’ll be calling, or send a follow-up email with more information than you could fit into a voicemail.

You should write your emails in the same way you write your sales scripts: in a personalized manner. Show them what you can do for them, make it easy to work with you, and communicate your expertise.

Follow the Sales Sequence

Selling and marketing are, at their core, methods of directing a person toward the desired outcome. They need a solution to their problems, and you’re providing it.

However, potential customers need to be warmed up before they are ready to buy. 

Once you understand the stages a credit repair lead goes through on the way to becoming a customer, your sales and marketing strategies will fall into place.

This requires patience, perseverance, and multiple opportunities to make contact. However, as we have shown, your sales and marketing infrastructure can be optimized to make the most of working with aged leads.

By including aged credit repair leads in your sales strategy, you can save money while still generating a high volume of conversions.

Here’s the sales sequence in more detail:

  1. Purchase your aged credit repair leads. Use your CRM to store them in a database and keep track of your progress with each lead.
  2. Warm the lead. Communicate your value proposition and make initial contact via phone calls, email, and voicemail.
  3. Schedule a call. Facilitate scheduling and send out a reminder a few days before the meeting to cut down on no-shows. Set a time and date via phone call, email, or even a scheduling app. 
  4. Nurture the leads. Keep helping them out. Establish yourself as a reliable resource, and guide them through the process of deciding.
  5. Re-engage the aged credit repair leads. If they get in touch again, guide them toward the next steps that are easy to follow via email, phone calls, or voicemails in order to arrange another meeting.

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By : Paul Young

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