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Aged Credit Repair Leads

The Leads Warehouse – Credit Repair Buying Guide

Aged Credit Repair Leads


A credit repair business can be a lucrative one if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to get it off the ground. If you want your company to succeed, you must put a top priority on generating leads. After all, new customer acquisition is critical to the success of your company.

It’s possible to generate new leads using traditional and digital marketing. But each has its own set of drawbacks – especially ramp-up time. And getting noticed in the credit repair industry can be difficult if you’re just starting out as it’s not a common or well-understood product.

What if you don’t have the time or resources to promote your business? We’re here to tell you about an alternative that will save you from having to jump through all the confusing marketing hoops in order to secure your business. We’re here to tell you all about buying leads.

For your company’s growth and success, use this buying guide to get started with the credit repair aged lead buying process. 

What Are Credit Repair-Aged Leads?   

In the marketing sense, “aged” credit repair leads are leads that are those over 3 months old. An easier way to think about it is an aged lead is any lead that is older than “real-time”. Sometimes, you can even find old leads that are over six months old.

Companies generate credit repair aged and real-time leads in the same way. However, the difference is the older ones did not convert to other companies. The reasons can be many:

  • The client may have become dissatisfied with the service at first.
  • It’s possible they had an awful experience with a previous company. 
  • Maybe they were just trying to get a foot in the door before investing in credit repair services. 
  • Perhaps they got so many phone calls they just avoided answering.

Whatever the reason, a business generated the leads, which it now sells to other businesses.

Is Buying Credit Repair Aged Lead a Good Investment?

Buying credit repair aged leads can be a great way to get the ball rolling and take your business off the ground. But, if you are going to buy old leads, you need to go about it in the right way. 

Buying and accumulating many leads is a must because the older they are, the less likely they will convert. You can’t expect to get the results you want if you work at a smaller volume.

After you buy your leads, use different marketing strategies to contact and convert your prospects. You can use email or SMS marketing if you have many leads.  

If you want to go the traditional way and decide to call them, be sure to have a customized sales pitch ready. This will help you stand out from the sea of companies pitching the same lines to every customer they call. Make it lively, make it personal, and make it human!

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Credit Repair Leads

Looking to scale and grow your business this year, or just running low on prospects? Buying credit repair leads is the ideal solution for you. With the right leads, you can kick-start your lead conversion strategy even in a competitive market like that of credit repair. 

Assess The Pricing

Lead providers have a wide range of pricing and pricing structures. You need to evaluate each provider’s offerings to see if they meet your needs. Then compare the offerings of multiple vendors/sources and pit them against each other to find the ideal candidates.

Make sure you do your homework and contact your providers if you have questions; a legitimate provider will respond quickly, and accurately, and make you feel welcome.

Research Your Providers

Companies can sell you garbage leads, a mixed bag of leads, or quality leads from industry giants. That’s why it is critical that you understand where your provider gets their leads. Ask questions – were these generated from craigslist ads? Social Media ad buying? Google search? Why should I choose your leads? How many should I expect to close from this purchase?

Conduct extensive research on the various options, just as you did when evaluating pricing, to determine whether a service provider can meet your needs.

Don’t Forget About Quality

You can get the cheapest and the biggest quantity of leads, but if the quality is poor, you won’t get very far. You want leads that include all the relevant information about your prospect so you can better personalize your outreach. The leads should also be from people who are looking for credit repair services, not mindless bots.

Quality lead companies, like ours, make certain that they do their homework and test ahead of time on your behalf. We also ensure that no errors occur in data entry or copying and pasting that could land you in hot water, resulting in negative reviews or worse, legal action.

Consider if You Want Exclusive or Non-exclusive Leads

When purchasing credit repair leads, consider how important exclusivity is to you. You might pay a high price for exclusive leads. Non-exclusive leads are less expensive, but you may find yourself in a race against your competitors to convert them. But with aged leads the dust has likely settled and you won’t have as much competition, and you save a significant amount per lead not paying for the lead generator’s trip to the Bahamas and media spend.

Non-exclusive leads are harder to convert because many of them are impossible to reach, already working with someone, or are no longer interested. But, what if the exclusive leads you buy aren’t any different? The trick is to mix both categories in your lead-buying venture and see what works best for your business.


One of the best ways to avoid wasting time and money on lead generation is to buy leads. With any investment, you need to do some research beforehand. You need to look into the lead’s quality, the price, and where they came from before making a purchase (as well as researching the provider). 

To maximize your return on investment and business growth, you must be careful when purchasing credit repair leads. You can also rely on us to provide you with high-quality, exclusive leads to keep you coming back. 

The Leads Warehouse wants to keep your business, not run off with your money. Give us a shot and see why our customers love us.



By : Paul Young

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