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Credit Repair Leads Buying Guide

Credit Repair

Before you buy credit repair leads, there are a few organic and open methods we propose, such as getting referrals, when you want to increase the amount of credit repair clientele you have. But, for the purposes of this article, assume you’re already using these strategies or don’t have the time to do so. We’ll look at some of the most common methods for purchasing credit repair leads, as well as some of the downfalls.

Purchasing Credit Repair Leads Has Its Drawbacks

We’ll be completely honest with you and tell you that we’ve never preferred buying credit repair leads before. The following are the reasons.

In most cases, you will not receive qualified credit repair leads. Many lead generation strategies require customers to fill out an online form in order to receive something else, such as a mortgage loan quote. The lead is then sold to you when it is discovered that the leader lacks the necessary credit score to qualify. In several cases, the individual did not express an interest in speaking with you. To add to this, many times the individual wasn’t even serious about getting a mortgage in the first place. “What the hell, let me find out if I would qualify,” they reasoned after seeing a Facebook advertisement.

Although the lead generator qualifies them well, you lack credibility and trust. The lead hasn’t seen you, has no idea who you are, and has no idea what your company is about. To them, you exemplify everything they’ve heard about credit repair firms in the past. Frequently, they have a negative impression of you.

You’ll have to play a lot of phone tag depending on how the lead has been generated. We simply do not have the time to engage in a game of telephone tag. Furthermore, being honest has no impact on our attitude.

So, what does it all mean?

It means you’ll go through a lot of leads before making a sale. If you leave a message, many of these individuals will not call you later. If you do talk to them, they may not take you seriously. You’ll have a low closing ratio. We recently spoke with a company that said their existing clients had a 10 to 1 closing ratio with their credit repair leads. As for free, organic credit repair leads, we currently have a closing ratio of just over 2 to 1. Why would I pay $25 per lead or $250 for ten phone conversations when I can make the sale with two free credit cards?

It also implies that you must be a master of the telephone. Immediately and throughout the call, you must establish trust and credibility. And you’d better know how to describe your offering so that it addresses the issue of the person to whom you’re speaking.

 What to Look for in a Lead Generation System for Credit Repair

With the appropriate lead generation corporation or program, you can alleviate these issues. Our advice is to make sure that whatever method you use to create credit repair leads qualifies the leads as much as possible. There could be a number of questions to see how intense they are about improving their credit.

In regards to promoting what you are doing to enhance credit scores, this procedure should market you as well. As a result, the person with whom you’ll be conversing has already seen your photo and is familiar with you. If you’re going to be the one talking to them, this could be a good thing. People are sometimes surprised that they are able to speak with the person in the advertisement.

Transferring Live Phone Calls

Some businesses offer you leads that have been transferred to you from their call center. This, we suppose, is a better leader. Right now, the individual is on the phone. They’ve probably expressed a desire to repair their credit. But with calls coming in on the fly like that, our credit repair business model can’t work. We won’t be ready to receive that call if we don’t drop everything. We’re simply too preoccupied. Even if you think this will work, remember to inquire about how they got that individual on the phone in the first place. Before the transfer, what were they doing on their phone call? And how easy is it to transfer? Will the protagonist be a little uneasy? It just seems a little strange. 

Characteristics of a Good Lead Generation System for Credit Repair

Let us now describe the sort of infrastructure we’ve just started using. It does a couple of things that we like and believes are extremely important. Particularly if you’re paying for credit repair leads.

  • It promotes credit repair services. It isn’t promoting anything else, such as a mortgage quote. As a result, we can logically deduce that the lead is aware of their low credit score and that they need to take action.
  • This system thoroughly qualifies the lead. It quizzes them on a set of questions to see if they’re determined to improve their credit score.
  • This strategy promotes us and our business. As a result, we get certain credit repair leads from it. When we call the lead, we already have some credibility and trust in them.
  • The lead must schedule a phone call with us. This is a step in the lead acquisition process that requires more qualifications. It also works well for our business model because it allows us to do other things when there are no scheduled appointments.

 Create a lead generation system for credit repair that works for you.

You must choose the type of credit repair lead generation system that will be most effective for you. As previously stated, you should always make an effort to generate free, organic leads via the internet and referrals.

If you want to go the advertising route, there are a lot of lead generation facilities to look into. Make some phone calls to see what they’ll do for you.

Purchasing leads should only be used as a last resort!

By : Paul Young

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