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Buy Credit Repair Leads

Should You Buy Credit Repair Leads? 

If you want to increase the number of credit repair clients you have, you can try several organic and free approaches before purchasing credit repair leads. However, let’s assume you’re already utilizing these approaches or that you don’t have the time to do so for the sake of this discussion. It takes significant time and effort to ramp up organic traffic. We’ll look at some of the more common methods for purchasing credit repair lead information and potential pitfalls.

How To Identify A Good Credit Repair Lead Generation System

Before we dive into the attributes of a sound credit repair lead generation system, let’s talk a bit about the negative aspects of buying credit repair leads.

Combing Through Leads Takes Time

Credit Repair Leads

We want to state right off the bat that not all lead generation companies are good. You might have already experienced this, finding that the credit repair leads you get aren’t qualified or even looking for credit repair solutions. We’ve found that many lead generation companies simply sell leads that are actually people who are looking for a mortgage loan and don’t have the credit score to get the rate they want. Which means they might not be interested in talking to a credit repair expert like you. 

In addition, even if the lead generator does a good job of qualifying leads, there is always the chance that they won’t want to talk to you because they don’t trust you or know what you can do for them. So you’ll be playing a lot of phone tag more often than not, and the time it takes to build trust and credibility might not be worth it to you. However, with a good script, you can flip some of those not interested into hearing about your product.

It all boils down to this — you have to go through a TON of leads before you finally make a sale, and you may be way over your target cost per acquisition. Many of the leads you get might not call you back or might not be serious about your services. Therefore, you want to find a lead gen company that leads to a higher closing ratio. With that in mind, let’s discuss what to look for when you’re considering purchasing credit repair leads. 

Attributes of a Good Credit Repair Lead Generation System

All of the problems we mentioned above can be mitigated when you partner with the right lead generation company. You want to choose a brand known for qualifying your leads as much as possible before sending them to you. It’s also good to partner your lead buying with a marketing strategy that showcases all of your services and capabilities. If you have a solid online presence, it will be easier for you to build trust with potential clients. Here are a few aspects that will identify a strong lead gen company: 

  • The right credit repair company will market credit repair, not something else like a mortgage quote. That way, you know you’re getting leads who already have low credit scores and are looking for ways to improve them. These leads will be more inclined to take your calls and buy your services.
  • Look for a company that qualifies its leads! They should have potential clients answer a series of questions that will tell you whether or not they are actually serious about improving their credit score and might be willing to hire someone to help them. Things they might ask are “How many negative items are on your credit report?” “Are you behind on your bills?” (This is a good question to gauge if they can afford your services long term)
  • The right lead generation company will offer you a variety of lead options that fit your needs and budget. They’ll be in your demographic and help you increase your ROI.

The Leads Warehouse Has Top Notch Credit Repair Leads

At The Leads Warehouse, we make it easy to get top-notch credit repair leads that meet your specifications. Our leads aren’t full of those rejected for loans. Instead, our leads are full of people who have indicated that they have poor credit and want help fixing it. This means they won’t be surprised to hear from you! We’ve got options like:

  • Opt-In
  • Generated via Real-Time Web Campaign
  • Sold Aged or Real-Time
  • State-Specific or Nationwide
  • Low Cost -High Return
  • Large Volume

You’ll love our lists because we target your ideal demographic from the get-go. They come with a comprehensive list of outputs so that you can market in a way that makes sense for you. Plus, with our automation campaign system, we’ll make sure you have a steady stream of leads pouring in so you never lose momentum. 

Each lead we send to you comes from optimized, tested, and proven internet sources that are proven to convert for our clients. They are fresh, interested, and ready to talk to someone who has the means to help them repair their credit. Everyone likes options, and we want to make sure we cater to your specific needs. All of our list types are set at different price plans so that we can find a credit restoration list that fits your goals and your budget! 

Get a free quote from us when you reach out to learn more about our credit repair leads. Fill out our online form or give us a call at 888-714-4756 if you have any questions! We’d love to show you what sets us apart from other lead-gen companies.

By : Paul Young

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