Setting Yourself Up For Telemarketing Success – Approaching an Aged Medicare Lead

Even when the sun is shining and birds are chirping, long form, real-time Medicare leads only close at 15%….often it’s even lower. This means 85%+ of these people still haven’t been helped!  Seniors are also overwhelmed with calls when they fill out a medicare form. 

There are many reasons the consumer did not buy from the first Medicare agent they spoke with: the first Medicare Agent may not have access to as good of carriers/plans, maybe they were too pushy after his 10th cup of espresso, or as I alluded to above, the customer could’ve just been absolutely overwhelmed with options and/or phone calls.

That’s why a quality control/service focused approach works. When investigating a consumer’s previous experience first, your staff can get to the real reason they didn’t buy within the first minute of the call. You can quickly pivot from a random salesperson to a trusted advisor.

Step 1: Establish A Quality Control Call

Make this a quality control call – not a sales call. Embrace the part of “Quality Control” with a smile and voice inflection – high pitched like you’re one of the chipmunks! If the consumer attempts to hang up, be sure to establish there’s no pressure and you’re just trying to help. You could also say there’s no cost to check your options and it only takes a couple of minutes.

“Hi, is this (NAME)?”

“Hey NAME this is (REP) in the quality control department (or) corporate office of (your company name) …..It looks like you spoke to someone awhile back about your medicare plan…I didn’t see that you we were working with us yet! I just wanted to make sure you received all the correct info from the initial person you spoke to.”

“What is this about?” – “Who are you?” – “Did I speak with you? Are you in a call center in Pakistan trying to scam me?”

“I’m not trying to sell you anything…it looks like you spoke to SOMEONE about a Medicare planbut I JUST want to make sure someone answered your questions and met your needs – What happened back then?” 

Step 2: Interview for Information

Get the consumer talking about what happened. Was the previous sales rep able to answer all of their questions? Was he knowledgeable? What was wrong with their Medicare plan that made them apply? What could be better?

Response: “Did not accomplish”

I’m glad I called you, I’m here to help solve problems – Since I’m in the quality control department, I have access to discounts and additional pricing options others don’t have access to…lets see what we can do for you….”


Response:  “Accomplished” 

“I’m happy to hear that.  Are you happy in your plan? We have every A rated carrier available to choose from, and plans may have changed since you last looked at your Medicare options, would you like me to take a peek to ensure you have the best coverage?”

Step 3: Make Sure you’re Automated

Aged Medicare Lead Dialer Systems for Automation: 

Suggested Texting Systems for Automation: 

Sample Aged Medicare Lead Texting Script:

(**Disclaimer: This is for information only. We are not legal representatives. Please check with your legal counsel to ensure SMS marketing fits into your overall marketing plan)

“Hi is this <name>?”

Yes, who is this? 

“This is John, I was reaching out to some older inquiries of people asking for new Medicare plan options. I know it’s annoying when people call 🙂

“Do you have a few minutes for a benefit analysis?”

  • Response

Send digital business card “This is me, am I as handsome as your grandkids?” Maybe don’t say that…

(Get them talking) – What carrier do you have now, are you feeling like the cost is too much Also, do you have dental + vision coverage?


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