Best Ways to Contact Aged Solar Leads

Contact your aged solar leads

There are a few different ways to contact aged solar leads, some consumers are more prone to answer a text or email than a phone call from a number they don’t recognize.

The most important thing is to find their pain points and separate yourself from the competition. Is it your devilishly good looks? Your warranty? Are the panels of higher quality?

1. Phone Call

Are you hand dialing your aged solar leads? I hope not. You should be using a dialer. A dialer is a web-based platform that will make outgoing calls to aged solar leads automatically, and your agent will be notified when consumer answers and dispositions will be tracked automatically for your review. Some dialers we recommend are Five9 (they want a minimum number of reps just a heads up), phone burner, and Convoso.

Make sure you have your reps write out their script in advance, it never hurts to be prepared.

It can take as many as 15-20 calls to get ahold of someone. Make sure to leave a voicemail! These aged solar leads will convert!

2. Door Knocking

Consumers don’t like answering the phone, so there’s another way if they want to hide – visit them in person. Consumers are likely to be home on the weekends or after 6 PM if they’re working.

The key is to keep a customer service oriented approach over a salesman, simply introduce yourself and your business and say you had an install down the street. Shake their hands and kiss their babies.

Some neighborhoods have been canvassed to death already by 20 other solar companies. When you get there, people are like, “Solar?!” Slam! Even though it’s a totally different offer than it was five years ago. If they listen, they realize that they can go solar for nothing down. Then slash their power bill to make the system free over 10-20 years. That’s tens of thousands of dollars for the average customer. It pays for itself!

Not everyone has a big power bill though, it helps to look for power bill queues like children’s toys in the yard, an electric vehicle, or an air conditioning unit.

It doesn’t hurt to leave a note either.

3. E-mail

The good thing about email is you have the consumer’s focus when they’re in their inbox. Try a subject line to make them curious:

“Free Solar System!”

“Appointment Available for Thursday”

“Rebate Expiring: Please Reply!”

You can also do a drip campaign with various topics such as tax credits, home value increases,

4. Text Messaging/SMS

DISCLAIMER: Check with legal counsel before texting! We aren’t lawyers, we’re lead generators.

The beauty of texting your aged solar leads is a 98% open rate, so you know they certainly saw it. But phone calls are becoming less popular as telemarketing surges, so it’s good to have your SMS game on point for the future.

I would have a 30, 60, 90 and 180 day sequence for new aged solar leads.

Simply put, an omnichannel marketing strategy is vital for success.

5. Snail Mail

There are online services that will write a handwritten letter for you to increase authenticity, especially if you have serial killer handwriting like me.

Here’s an example:

Hey Homeowner,

I hope all is well, I wanted to clear up some misconceptions about Solar. Your system can be $0 down between the great reduction of the cost of solar in the past few years and government tax rebates and incentives.

Would you be interested in seeing if you can get a free system to eliminate your power bill?




In closing, the best way to contact aged solar leads is using multiple touch points – phone, text, carrier pigeon, email marketing, and door knocking.

By : Sam Irving

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